What if your mom says, “Aaj Ghar Pe Tinde Bane Hain?

You would have been forced to consume this distasteful poison transmitted through “Tinde” had it not been for Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats and the likes.

Online food delivery platforms like Zomato are lifesavers and their customers are from all age groups, be it a “Tinde-Lauki se pareshan” teenager or a bachelor missing “ghar ka butter chicken” or a henpecked old aged man who orders sweets behind his wife’s back.

Online food delivery applications are an important part of our lives but their CEOs are not the ones who deliver the food to us. Food delivery apps work on the legs of their delivery boys who work day and night, be it in summers, winters or rain.

However, their working conditions may get real poor at times when they come across religiously motivated discrimination. This discrimination may not remain limited only to verbal humiliation but may extend even to physical assault.

If you follow social media, you must have read about the tweet of a person who cancelled his food order just because the delivery boy was a non-Hindu and he wanted his food being delivered by a Hindu.

If you don’t know, know it here.

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Cancellation Of Order On Religious Bias

Today, a person by the name of Amit Shukla took to Twitter to express his disbelief on the fact that Zomato personnel were not accommodative in changing his food delivery boy on the pretext of him being a non-Hindu.

He further bragged his “intelligent move” of cancelling the order, which seemed to him as a better option than eating food delivered by a non-Hindu.

Zomato gave a fitting reply to this Tweet and said that food has no religion and food in itself is a religion. Twitterati trolled Amit and condemned his senseless move.

Delivery Boy Beaten In Vadodara

It is being said that in Vadodara when a Muslim delivery executive entered a Hindu dominant area, he was physically assaulted to the extent that he had to be admitted to the hospital. He was hit and food was taken away with no payment.

Times of India wrote a brief piece on it but didn’t mention the alleged religious bias. The news website mentioned that the delivery executive suffered various physical injuries.

Following the incident, various other fellow delivery executives went on a strike. Since most of the riders are connected to various food delivery apps and work for all of them on regular basis, the services were said to be affected for many food delivery service provider companies, however, a small fraction of area was affected.

As is heard, it is not an isolated incident and the religious judgment works across all religions. These incidents of verbal insult and physical tussle are not uncommon but most of them generally go unnoticed and unreported.

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Sources: India Today, Times of India, News 18

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