Here’s a piece of appetizing good news for all the foodies out there! Zomato unveiled a wonderful surprise for all its Gold customers. Zomato on Friday introduced their initiative called ‘Infinity Dining’.

The programme allows the Gold members to enjoy a unique “all you can eat and drink” experience, which means that they can eat and drink infinitely at specific restaurants in the city.

The Infinity Dining Programme will be launched across 350+ restaurants and bars (those with a minimum 3.5-star rating on Zomato) in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru.  

“For the same price that you would spend on a typical two-course meal, you can now order anything and everything you want from the entire menu (yes, the entire menu!) with unlimited servings of your favourite dishes,” the Gurugram based start-up said in a statement.

In simple words, you can order anything and everything from the menu for the same price that you would pay for a two-course meal!

In addition to offering an infinite number of servings, the Infinity Dining Programme also charges people on fixed per-person basis; which means that you can merrily order a dish more than once without having to pay any additional charges.

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 Zomato Gold members can now book tickets for their friends and family members. An added bonus is that children up to the age of 6 can dine for free when accompanied by an adult with an Infinity subscription.

And just like the perfect responsible naagrik, Zomato also urged its customers to check the portion sizes before ordering food so as to avoid wastage as well as to keep a check on the number of drinks you gulp down before you drive.

Launched in 11 Indian cities in the year 2017, Zomato has gained humongous popularity, with around 1.25 million subscribers.

Today Zomato runs successfully in over 16 cities as well as across eight other countries besides India – UAE, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Turkey, Philippines and Indonesia.

Have a fun and wholesome dine-out y’ll!

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