I have a serious confession to make. Calm down, I ain’t revealing any dark truth of my life. I just wanted to confess that nobody can cook better food than my mother and yet, I am guilty of ordering food online quite often.

If I walk into the kitchen and find out that my mother has made something that doesn’t compliment my mood or the occasion or even the weather for that matter, food delivery apps come to my rescue.

Did my subconscious just say that I don’t appreciate enough the food she cooks? Hell, yeah! It’s because this is what she tells me repeatedly and therefore, it’s part of my reaction system by default.

There’s no running away from the truth or your mother, is there?

Before my guilt bloats up, I need to remind myself- I am not alone in this. I am sure most of you are sailing in the same boat as I am.

From giving in to your cravings after seeing pictures of tempting food on social media to adding cheer to a dull day, nowadays you can find all kinds of reasons to order food online through Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats etc.

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Why Has Ordering Food Online Become A Regular Affair?

An increasing number of millennials are caught up in hectic schedules and are looking for food that can be delivered to them at the earliest.

Then, there are those who want to relish their favorite food in the comfort of their homes, without going through the hassle of cooking it.

This is where the food delivery apps have been successful in luring the innocent foodie in you. Once you log in to the application, you are welcomed to a foodie’s paradise.

With so many options at your disposal, you experience the privilege of choosing what to eat and when, as orders can be placed even late into the night.

The food delivery apps ensure prompt delivery of food, especially during peak hours and bad weather, by paying hefty amounts to their delivery boys.

Moreover, special offers on these apps are what you religiously buy into.

How Are Food Delivery Apps Eating Away At Your Money?

The discounts offered by food delivery apps are baits disguised as blessings. Don’t think that a 40% discount or some amount of cashback is going to save you significant money.

There are additional charges such as delivery charge, packing charge, and taxes which eventually increase the total amount of your bill and compensate for the discount offered.

Let’s say that the additional charges amount to Rs. 50 on average for one order. If you order thrice from outside in a week, here’s how much you would spend in a year on just the additional charges.

Number of weeks in a year: 52
Annual Amount Incurred Due To Charges: 52 x 3 x 50 = Rs 7800

It is well and truly a significant amount for the majority.

Furthermore, it is highly likely that you will end up paying for the suggested add-ons that subtly add to the taxes and the overall amount; after all, how will you enjoy your meal without a beverage or a dessert?

This is how food delivery apps deceive you but make you feel that you took away the best deal, so that you come back happily to grab what you think is the next best offer.

Don’t Take The Bait

If you feel that ordering food online leads to overspending, I’d suggest you prepare a budget. If you can’t cook yourself, figure out if keeping a cook works better for you.

Also, gradually reduce the frequency of ordering online and get used to eating home-cooked food, as instant gratification will not stand you in good stead.

Up until now, ordering food from outside made for a huge chunk of my spending pie because I was unable to resist the baits offered by the food delivery apps.

It won’t happen anymore because like I confessed, my mother makes the best food there is.

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