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The eternal Nirvana, at last



What else could I be?
all apologies…

“The sad messiah weeping silently with his guitar desperately trying to cover his paranoia. The Jesus of Suburbia was he. All he missed was his crown thorns, which the world did impose on him, by the grief he received. He died a martyr some say, some say he didn’t die at all. But shall continue to live within our hopes and dreams, and the silent sounds of the guns…”

I am a big fan of Kurt Donald Cobain and Nirvana and everything they stood for. No I am not a wannabe hipster who just says stuff like that to appeal to the cool community. I believe in Nirvana. I believe in Kurt Cobain. The idea of him. A sad tormented soul, shattered by his parents divorce and the confusion the world had to through upon him. His is a story of innocence lost. Legend has it that when he was 5, his uncle gave him a choice of either a bicycle or a guitar. We all know what he chose. Kurt met Kris Novoselic when he was young and started recording demo’s from a garage room in Aberdeen. But they were told that Seattle was where it was at. The place. the Birth of a revolution. And the time was perfect. So they took the risk. And by God did it pay off :)

Chad Channing was the man with the drumsticks initially. He was a pretty decent drummer too. Infact no one can take the initial success of nirvana from him. But pardon me. He was no Dave Grohl. The Animal. The beast. Dave grohl is considered on of the greatest drummers of all times. And this was long before he became one of the greatest frontman for Foo Fighters. Lets just say he is as awesome as they come. And with Mr Dave joining the ‘little group’  a miracle happened. NEVERMIND.

.Kurt Cobain

How does one even record an album like Nevermind? I would not like to go into that. But they did it and we saw it, rest is history. And history is filled with such great instances, Bleach, In Utero, Insecticide and all the other legendary stuff. Kurt Cobain killed himself, like an artist’s mind collapsing into its own self. It was his vision and dream to be recognized as a true artist, a musician. And the social propaganda made him a messiah. He never asked for it. The burdern of responsibility was forced on him. But it is only fair that after all these years, it did finally happen…

NIRVANA, finally got inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame this year :)

Here is my Nirvana list for the month:-


1. Dive

2. Floyd the Barber

3. School

4. Pennyroyal Tea

5. Something in the Way


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