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Enjoy Working From Home With 5 best Headphones


With the extended quarantine forcing everyone to stay in, working can get tedious and stressful. Coordination with office colleagues has become a chore over calls and endless WhatsApp notifications have taken away the peace of mind when you are actually trying to concentrate. To top all this temporary frustration, you have group meetings (what, 3 – 5 times a day!) over Zoom.

In all the personal turmoil of re-organizing life and work in the interim, using good headphones may be the last thing on your mind. But, having one with a microphone speaker, preferably wireless, will no doubt, make your life easy, especially, when you have to take calls and do online meetings after every passing hour or two.

5 Best Essential Headphones For Work From Home

Considering your comfort and convenience during work in these #stayathome times, we are listing 5 headphones, from the highest to the lowest prices, that you can go for.

  1. Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II 

Price: Rs. 29,363

Features: Wireless, Active Noise Cancelling

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

These amazing headphones from Bose come with Bose AR that has internal motion sensors to identify your body movement and in which position your head lies. This allows you to have an immersive listening experience. You can even choose among the three different types of noise-cancelling modes depending on any noisy environment. Moreover, the premium headband material is impact resistant and the ear cushions are made from high-grade synthetic protein leather that make it extremely comfortable. You won’t realise how long you have been sporting them and their weight is just 0.24kg. The best part about them is the clarity you get while taking calls due to the in-built noise-cancelling microphone that eliminates background noise when you speak. More on the plus side – it has a long battery life of 20 hours. These headphones come with the now outdated 4.1 Bluetooth version and the range is 10m indoors. Check out more features at BoseIndia.

2. Sony WH-1000XM3

Price: Rs. 26,990

Original Price: Rs. 29,990

Features: Closed, dynamic, noise-cancelling

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

These wireless headphones from Sony weigh only 255g. They are ideal for those who want to listen to music in full clarity with clear mids, bass and treble, with Bluetooth headphones. The earpads are deep and super comfy. You don’t have to reach out to your smart devices once these are connected and the headphones have built-in noise-cancelling optimisers that accustom to different environments. The right cup operates through gesture control and you can simply glide your finger to control the volume and press for a second or two to access Siri or Google Assistant. These cans also look great, besides the ease of use and 30 hours of battery life, once fully charged. However, given their price, their microphone cannot outdo the proximity effect and can make your voice sound bassy. Also, these come with the Bluetooth 4.2 version which can cover a range of 10m only. Check out more features at Sony.

3. AKG N60NC Wireless

Price: Rs. 22, 174

Original Price: Rs. 27, 749

Features: On-ear, closed, Active Noise Cancelling

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

The N60NC wireless headphones come with the deep bass and crisp mid-range sound that the audio engineering pioneer, AKG has always been known for. While they are compact weighing about 200g and can be folded flat, they have a switchable Active Noise Cancellation mode. If you are at home, you can just turn the noise-cancelling mode off and enjoy the same rich sound. However, you cannot use the passive mode without using the included 1.2m cable that guarantees no entangling. The cable also comes with a microphone as well as the play and pause button. Apart from that, the ear pads are deep, offering quality sound even at low volumes. When you turn on the Bluetooth and ANC mode, a single charge will make you use them for 15 hours straight. Even though these come with the Bluetooth 4.0 version, the aptX and AAC technology incorporated in these cans can make low-quality audio sound great in the wireless mode. However, the only drawback of them can be the on-ear design, which is not comfortable to all, especially when it comes to sporting them for long hours at a stretch. Check out more features at AKG.


Price: 14,999

Original Price: 24,999

Features: Active Noise Cancelling, AI Algorithm

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

These over-the-ear headphones – weighing only 299g – come with Active Noise Cancelling in three different modes and have an AI algorithm that makes listening ideal in any environment by customising it just for you. Their Smart Touch & Talk function lets you listen to music and attend a call simultaneously by lowering the music volume. Their price is the main contender in the market out there as they come bundled with various features such as a built-in infrared sensor that stops the music instantly when you put the cups away from the ears. Another major advantage of getting these is the new Bluetooth 5.0 connection that is four times better than its 4.x predecessors in terms of range. This new version of Bluetooth also draws less energy. After charging these cans, you can enjoy a 24-hour listening time. Check out more features at World of PLAY.


Price: Rs. 6,499

Original Price: Rs. 9,499

Features: Over-the-ear, Active Noise Cancelling

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Comprising the signature JBL Pure Bass Sound, these Bluetooth headphones from JBL are lightweight and look great. They run for 15 hours with the Bluetooth and noise-cancelling mode on, and they require only 2 hours to get charged. If you use the included cable, you can listen to them with the noise-cancelling mode for 30 hours. These are also foldable making them portable everywhere and the headband is made from soft yet sturdy material allowing you to enjoy wearing them for hours. Although these come with the Bluetooth 4.2 version, they allow multi-pairing up to two devices. In short, this allows you to switch between calls and music on your smartphone and tablet. Check out more features at JBL.

So, there you have it. These aforementioned wireless headphones with their incredible features can be a great companion during these tough times, especially when you are at home and working.

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  1. I have used the PlayGo BH70 Headphones, they are really comfortable and advanced AI headphone with touch controls, It’s light weight is the thing that I loved most about it and which makes it really easy to wear.


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