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Fatihi Mahmood Ismael- The Tech Geek Has Been Utilizing Cutting Edge Technology For Smooth Workflow Amidst Crisis


A man who is a well-versed software programmer, and talented enough to have a grasp over varying skills and tools, Fatihi Mahmood Ismael is a brainiac. A young and deft person, 21 years in age, hailing from Zakho, Kurdistan, Iraq, he has procured 7 years of experience as a computer programmer and has been engendering potential solutions to a lot of fundamental problems.
An active and significant team member of the government, adept in distinguishing problems and fabricate efficient solutions, Fatihi is a connoisseur in networking systems and swift with the mainframe computers. Designing a webpage, and working with Database Management systems, utilizing tools like MySQL, Hadoop, Sybase, and MongoDB, he is prominently known for provisioning the best security for web services and social networks.
Amidst the global pandemic, Fatihi has been keen on using cutting-edge tech and inclined on using modernized methods for a smooth workflow. Video conferencing apps are being heavily used, by his firm to maintain effective communication. Creator and head manager of the Rescuer company, he heads a team that has yielded effective software and many other projects in Iraq. Mahmood Ismael has also worked in collaboration with other tech giant firms.
With the nations reverting back to their normalized schedules from June, Fatihi has expressed content and has wished for smooth conduction in not only in Iraq but the entire world.
We wish that he keeps excelling and procures greater achievements. An admirable personality, we wish him luck!
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