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#StudentLivesMatter, is a new trend to protest against the way the authorities have ridiculed the status of the students to mere ‘guinea pigs’. Yes, you read that right. Those are the very words used by the Delhi High Court to describe the University’s highly ignorant behavior towards their students.

Ever since the lockdown started, the notifications and announcements on the part of the UGC have been exceedingly ambiguous and misleading. The plight of the students seems to be the least of their concerns.

Online Classes To Online Exams –

It all started with DU extending the mid-semester break from mid-March to April. The countrywide lockdown hadn’t been announced yet. The University had issued a notice instructing teachers to continue classes through various online platforms.

After weeks of trying to find a solution for both the teachers and the students, the online classes came to a halt as the majority of the students had connectivity issues.

The semester continued with notes being circulated and queries being addressed on various chat forums. By the end of April, UGC declared its first set of guidelines, marking the commencement of absolute chaos that followed throughout the next few months.

The guidelines caused enough commotion amongst the students. The pandemic had already instilled a fear in the minds of the masses. The University just kept adding cherries to a rather distasteful cake under the circumstances.

Introduction To Open Book Examinations –

The University’s next great quest was to hold open book examinations for the final years. Thus, a university that wasn’t able to equip themselves for conducting online classes, was all geared up to conduct the exams online. As preposterous as the idea sounds, its execution was even more appalling.

Ever since the announcement, DU has been issuing notices at the very last minute. First up was the postponement of the open book examinations due to the novel coronavirus.

How I wish the virus which has been creating havoc for the last 4 months now disappeared within the 10 days that they postponed the exams for!

The next stop was the mock tests that were to be held.

What according to you is the basic purpose of a mock test? While most of you would say it is to familiarize yourself with the pattern of the question paper which will somewhat boost your confidence, DU proved us wrong. Yet again.

A mock test according to their execution is where you add on to the already existent anxiety and stress in the lives of your students.

The ever-changing mind of the university has mentally-harassed the students to such an extreme extent, that the on-going global pandemic hardly seems to be an issue of concern now.

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Listed below are a few testimonials, where some final years students from Delhi University have penned down their experience with the mock tests and the highly insensitive attitude of both the UGC and DU in light of this situation:

Several state universities graduated their final year students based on their overall performances through the past semesters.

While students from the Delhi University were hoping for them to be subjected to the same fate, the Minister of Home Affairs issued a notice declaring that all final year students would have to appear for the exams by September.

The final year of college holds an immense amount of importance in the life of a college student – both academically and emotionally.

At this hour of uncertainty which has made us question our potential to exhaustive extents, the University seems to be living in a utopic delusion, constantly adding on to our woes.

All we have been looking forward to is some co-operation and respect from the University. After all, these authorities are playing with the future of your own country here.

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