Gone are the times when academic performance was the only game-changer. With rising competition, the idea of holistic development of a child is being highlighted all over the world.

Extracurricular achievements’ section on one’s CV has been getting a lot of attention of late. Considering all this, DU’s decision to scrap off ECA Quota has come across as a disappointment amongst students and parents.

DU Has Officially Announced To Scrap Off The ECA Quota

University of Delhi’s bulletin regarding admission to undergraduate courses for the academic year 2020-21 states that the admission under ECA quota will take place only for two categories – National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Service Scheme (NSS).

This decision comes in the wake of COVID-19 when social distancing norms are to be followed all over the country.

A snap from the University of Delhi’s official Admission Brochure 2020

Admissions under these categories, as well as the sports category, will be based on certificates. No trials would take place for the same.

Why Is The Scrapping Of ECA Quota A Matter Of Concern For Students?

For years now, the University of Delhi has been conducting admissions under various ECA categories. Apart from NCC and NSS, these included

  • Dance,
  • Quiz,
  • Theatre,
  • Fine Arts,
  • Instrumental Music,
  • Vocal Music,
  • Debate,
  • Creative Writing, etc. 

Each DU college can offer admission under this quota for not more than 5% of its seats. In 2019, admission criteria under the ECA quota placed 25% of the weightage on Certificates while 75% on the ECA Trials. 

A significant number of students were dependent on the ECA Quota to get into some of the prestigious colleges of the University of Delhi. They had put in a lot of effort throughout their schooling years to build a diversified profile.

Considering the sky-high cut-offs that DU is renowned for, many students find ECA quota a blessing in disguise for themselves.

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ECA Quota’s Impact On A College Environment

A premier institution of India, the University of Delhi earns its popularity by the diverse environment that it offers to students, which includes academics, sports, as well as extracurriculars.

Each college in the University has its vibe and provides a plethora of opportunities to the students.

Current and ex-students of the university would back me up on the fact that the environment and experience here is to die for. And it is the college societies that add on to this vibe. 

A glimpse at the vibrant DU atmosphere. Students showcasing their talent after rigorous practice sessions

Students who are a part of these societies undergo rigorous practice to represent their college at different levels of competitions. ECA quota used to ensure admission to such talented students. 

Did DU Have No Other Alternatives?

Students and parents find scrapping of the quota entirely, an unfair decision. They believe that the university could have undertaken online trials. But it seems that the university doesn’t have a proper infrastructure in place for the same. 

Parents also recommended pre-recorded videos for the trials. However, the authenticity of such videos would have been questionable.

People got to Twitter to call out the University of Delhi for its decision
Students and parents believe that the decision is unjust for the students who have been nurturing their talents for years.
Disappointed students signing the petition ‘Why ECA Quota Only For NCC & NSS’

If you believe the decision to scrap ECA quota is unfair, you may sign the petition ‘Why ECA Quota Only For NCC & NSS‘.

The pandemic has highlighted the flaws in the educational institutes across different countries. Lack of infrastructure and planning has severely impacted thousands of students in India. How far will the students have to suffer for no fault of their own?

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