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I agree that being a girl in an engineering college offers its own set of sexist rules and stereotypes.

From following a strange classroom protocol or a strict dress code expected to limit the skin visibility in girls to constantly facing remarks of not being too intelligent or smart enough as boys when it comes to designing an eye-baller model or developing a brain-dizzying code intended to solve an insistent problem, we have had it all.

There has been a certain pattern of unforeseen circumstances faced by girls cumbered by the responsibility of being leaders in a group-assigned project supposed to be “managed” by the team where they either try to face the sexist remarks face-to-face on a daily basis or choose to concentrate on better tasks at hand continuing to repress their emotional guilt at having been branded as “being too girl-like”.

Is expecting equal rights a far-fetched dream for girls in an engineering college while basic rights such as the freedom of choice and freedom of equality are violated in the name of keeping our honor?

Why do we encounter strikingly uneven gender ratio in engineering colleges

Talking about the skewed ratio, girls are conditioned to believe that pursuing something technical where their numeric and scientific abilities will be tested are not in their forte.

And even if you get in, you are looked upon with sore eyes and contempt where professors or guys belittle you to only writing lab reports and assignments which are considered as tasks specifically meant for women.

Let’s not forget how guys seem to patronize when girls enter lab experiments where they are assigned mechanical tasks of dealing with machines and lifting heavy gear or what not. Chill guys, we don’t need your help right away!

And teachers don’t love us because we are ‘girls’. We don’t score better grades than you because we are ‘girls’.

I have collected a few such experiences from my college mates who decided to fight the casual sexism hurled at them during their period of four years while bringing gendered exploitations to the fore.

‘Girls in IT Get Married Off Anyway’

Things You Face Being A Girl In An Engineering College

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Things You Face Being A Girl In An Engineering College

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Things You Face Being A Girl In An Engineering College

Choose Your Own Battles

Things You Face Being A Girl In An Engineering College

I Was Scared

Things You Face Being A Girl In An Engineering College

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  1. Truly skin visibility? I’m not denying about the above circumstance but rather I’m not tolerating it totally either. This article says a ton however I’m going to center around one noteworthy thing which is “skin visibility” and clothing standard as all of you acquainted with the clothing standard of college which is better than average enough to make you agreeable in any circumstance and with regards to easygoing dress you can wear whatever you need taking thought of goodness. I’ve never met a solitary associate who grumbled about this. Maligning college on a wonder such as this isn’t going to help you in any capacity.

    Next thing is confronting comments of the educator of not being sufficiently shrewd, gracious please this is total BS. None of my educator or any partners make comments about you in case you’re not to a great degree splendid or you’re not ready to compose an entrancing bit of code.

    So I totally can’t help contradicting the over two points.


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