Fashion is believed to uplift women, the ultimate saviour in all situations. For women the only objective of fashion seems to be the outward appearance without looking at the trade offs one makes.

But fashion can also be oppressive, ruthless and most impractical a lot of times.

Before you fall for everything fashionable just reason out a bit!

Pocket politics

The most impractical move of all time has to be this pocket mishap! Women’s clothing does not allow one to carry our tools along without a purse.

Patriarchy works in wondrous ways. Where our men simply slide their phones and keys into their pockets, women are discovering their fake pockets sounds so much like our rights though. Men like to have their hands-free for (obvious reasons) defending themselves and minds-free of worrying about little things.

Discovering fake pockets is simply the worst! It feels like the designer is just attempting to make your fool and everyone around you laughs at your misfortune of being a lady.

These fake pockets are so much like our politicians.

It’s not a Bra it’s a Brassiere!

Ladies, your brassieres are not just a piece of clothing, they are an emotion and obviously, they cost you your souls.

A super comfortable and well-fitted brassiere costs one a lifetime. It’s like finding a life partner who pushes you up and is equally supportive, high chances of making you feel embarrassed though.

With a lot of variety in the market, bralettes are a fashion statement on their own but what about the sticky straps and the sharp hooks, it becomes unbearable with time. The cost of bras is constantly rising and will soon become a luxury.

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Comforting soles!

“Heels are comfortable,” said no one ever.

Inches and inches are constantly increasing and heels are becoming the most uncomfortable accessories one will ever possess.

By elevating the heel bone, there is an unequal distribution of weight on the forefoot which is not very stable. With regular use, a lot of problems might also occur and this pain is surely not worth the gain in height.

In case your heels make you feel empowered, take a moment and rethink it all over from the top.

Before you fall for or off them just rationalise.

Bodysuits are a trap!

The only purpose of body hugging bodysuits is only to create some extra illusion. Under your dresses and skirts are one’s best kept secret- the modern corset, our bodysuits.

Bodysuits’ only purpose is to make one unable to breathe and create a perfect illusion of all times. These tight bodysuits are a result of our obsession with perfectly slim waistlines and the “curve”.

Rationalise ladies! Fashion statements are about being natural and the most comfortable form of you. It’s not worth holding your breath or your meal. Glossy covers and mannequins are just not the real queens.

So get into your sneakers and take off your underwires, it’s time to smash the patriarchy and the conventional beauty ideals with that heel of yours!

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