With his dance video going viral and the cards just falling right for me, I happened to cross paths with Surajit Tripura, who happened to be in Kolkata’s Absolute Barbecues in Salt Lake Sector V.

The Man Of The Moment

Being one of the bloggers who covered this sensation, I must say Surajit was really down to earth. He was quite fazed by the sudden claim to fame, but it was well garnered and beautifully readjusted to make sure he was not overburdened. 

“I have been shown love and support all over my hometown in Saboom, near Agartala,” says Surajit as he went on to narrate his story to ED Times, adding that “I loved and enjoyed dancing since childhood, thanks to my uncle, and I used to watch Raghav Juyal dance and used to be mesmerized by him.” 

“He has been supported by Mr. Kesto Sur, Mr. Sahil Dogra, Mr. Shubham Shukla,” says the East Cluster Manager for Absolute Barbecues, Mr. Utpal Das. 

Surajit moving so fast, pictures are hazy

We went absolutely crazy as we saw his dance moves to “Muqabla” at Salt Lake. The flow of the robotic movements of his body was sizzling as the audience there cheered him on. 

A Bit More Around Him

Absolute Barbecues has shown that they are more than a place that serves good food. They recognised talent and garnered it, made sure he got the recognition he deserves. The management was incredibly receptive to his talents and had asked him to dance at staff parties and in front of guests in Guwahati.

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Putting yourself in his shoes, picture this: you love dancing and happened to be dancing for your friends when you got recognised and the place you recently started working fully supported you and your passion.

This is the India I know. One where we pull each other up and show support for one’s passion and love. 

Surajit with the team that has supported him

Mr. Kesto Sur, City Manager for AB’s Kolkata, Mr. Sahil Dogra, Restaurant Manager AB’s Salt Lake, Mr. Shubham Shukla, DGM AB’s along with Mr. Utpal Das have shown us that they care for their people and their staff by the virtue of this gesture. 

A Retrospection

The ambience was upbeat and definitely a vibe that matched with this dancing sensation. People were going gaga over him and with good reason. His moves were absolute on fire.

Hospitality for everyone was absolutely top-notch. Getting close to a hundred bloggers to cover and making sure everyone went home with a smile on their faces is something that is really commendable.

As for Surajit, he hopes to be a professional dancer someday and this love for dance has helped him take a step forward towards that goal. 

Lastly, a huge shoutout to Dipyaman Basu for letting me come as a part of his team.

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