On the occasion of World Mental Health Day on 10th October, film actor Deepika Padukone took to social media to announce a new initiative wherein she urged people to buy used pieces of clothing from her wardrobe, the proceeds of which will go to her foundation called The Live Love Laugh Foundation.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Visit deepikapadukone.com/closet to find some of my most favorite pieces. Your purchase will help those struggling with mental illness through The Live Love Laugh Foundation. Thank you all for joining me on this journey to find new ways to raise awareness about mental health.”

Shell Out Your Own Money For Charity

Deepika Padukone was one of the first few Bollywood celebrities to talk openly about her struggle with depression.

It undoubtedly stirred a conversation about mental health issues that people face but more often than not don’t confront. Her foundation works to help people suffering from mental health issues.

Being a popular public figure, any issue that she gives her voice to catches the attention of the public, especially her fans and followers in no time. Hence, when people like her use their star power to create awareness about issues that are often associated with a stigma, it is a welcome move.

However, when I take into account the fact that she is one of the highest paid actresses in the show business, I don’t think that she needs to sell the clothes she once wore to raise funds for a cause she believes in.

As per Forbes, she made INR 112 crore last year and currently charges INR 7-8 crore per movie. With the kind of money she makes, she can comfortably set aside a significant share for her foundation to help make the lives of the less fortunate better to some extent.

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Disturbing Results Of The Sale

Within two hours of her announcement, all the items from her closet that were up for sale were sold out.

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that people actually bought apparels that won’t even fit them well in the name of charity. After all, how many people have a body type and figure similar to the actor?

Instead of coughing up money for second-hand designer clothes, people could have made sure the money reaches the beneficiaries in the right manner.

Moreover, it’s mostly people who can’t resist retail therapy that participate in such sales. These people shop at their whim to cheer themselves up when they feel highly anxious or depressed.

This coping mechanism may work for some but it is expensive and temporary.  I’m afraid that some of the people who bought her apparels might be the victims of the very issue they want others to overcome.

Why Mix Business With Charity?

To my mind, a true act of charity is the one that’s done silently and effectively. If you help someone and then blow your own trumpet, you actually do a disservice to your own life that allowed you to be fortunate and resourceful in the first place.

I believe that if you have enough talent to create wealth and be materially well off, you should use that wealth to make sure that others also become self-sufficient like you.

Besides, the best way to influence people is to lead by example. As a celebrity who has a good connect with the masses, Deepika Padukone can make a big difference by just expressing her opinion on the issues close to her heart and using her own money to better the society.

I don’t see why celebrities need to mix business and charity, unless it’s for PR and tax benefits.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments below.

Sources: Deccan Chronicle, India Today

Image Credits: Google Images

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