Roadies wasn’t just a television show back in its prime, it was an obsession for teenagers back then. While most of it was entertainment, the show did teach us a thing or two on how to deal with the harsh realities of life.

However, at ‘Corporate Roadies’, you get both, entertainment, and the corporate experience you have been seeking. Here, you master the art to withstand real challenges posed by the corporate world by showing your power of persuasion, your caliber, and your ability to handle pressures amidst these real-life corporate scenarios, while having a lot of fun simultaneously.

As someone who witnessed the first day of this invigorating event along with several other passionate students of the institute, I can say that it has been a rather ‘rad’ experience, which is making me look forward to the next two days too.

While climbing the proverbial ladder of the corporate world, you may encounter several obstacles that hinder your progress, especially when you lack sufficient experience in the domain.

This makes personal growth and development incredibly difficult, often restricting you to a fruitless mechanical routine. This is exactly where Ignite comes in, as the titular festival which was conceptualised to help smoothen one’s professional journey in the corporate world.

Ignite exposes students to a bevy of stimulating events, including everything from management exercises to interactive cultural games, and so on. Through this, it aims to precisely enhance the skillsets of these aspiring corporate professionals, while also widening their outlook and perception of the industry.

With a vast number of students in attendance, the massive 3-day event consists of no less than 10 invigorating activities that sharpen one’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, thereby helping make them career-ready.

Through practical learning and insights into the corporate mechanism, they teach students how to deal with responsibilities like change management, scenario planning, and more, thus enabling them to have a sharper growth curve at work.

“Corporate Roadies,” the main attraction at this festival, was part of the first day’s itinerary. The activity pit 7 teams against each other with each being asked to device a creative solution to a corporate crisis situation. The judges at the event assessed the teams on the basis of how they reacted to the stress of the situation, as well as how they addressed it, taking ownership and coming up with the solution.

Corporate Roadies was an enthralling experience.

Other activities lined up for the event include ADZAP, Task Force, Debate, Channel Surfing, Devil Follows, Turn Coat, Treasure Hunt, Pappu Can Dance, and Personality Contest.

Among these, Turn Coat, Personality Contest, and ADZAP are three of my favourite activities, ones which I’ll definitely make sure to attend.

In Turn Coat, participants are given random topics, on which they have to speak, either for or against the argument in question. The twist, however, is that every time the judge commands it by saying ‘switch’, the speaker has to instantly start arguing for the opposite side, thereby contradicting his own previous statements. This incredibly engaging activity judges the speaker on the basis of his or her spontaneity, sense of humour, content, and of course, the response from the audience.

The Personality Contest, on the other hand, serves as a platform for the participants to showcase their talent, personality, and general knowledge, all of which are extremely important in boosting one’s confidence.

Lastly, ADZAP takes the form of a highly interactive platform where groups of participants get a chance to display their ad creating talent. The students are handed a random product, for which, they are asked to think of a skit for an ad, on the spot. The catch here is that the product is one which has failed in the market, with the best advertisement winning the game.

Looking at the diversity of the enthralling event and the thought behind it all, I was compelled to gain a deeper insight into its organisers. On doing some homework, I discovered that this event has been possible with the efforts of the eminent Shahani Group.

This event is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the institute to enhance engagement driven learning of international standards, which makes it the ideal choice for students aspiring to be globally competitive.

Shahani Group is known to have enhanced the careers of lakhs of students via its academic initiatives aimed at providing them with employment opportunities across a range of industries. All of their programmes as part of their institutions are recognised across the globe including UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai, and India.

These include:

  1. MBA Affiliated with UK University
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in business Management
  3. Executive MBA
  4. Professional Diploma in Banking
  5. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  6. Professional Diploma in Photography
Committee Members of Team Ignite 2018-19 (From left to right) – Mohd Sohel, CEO Khushboo Chhabria, COO Payal Thadani, Manager for Administrative Saurabh Dalvi, Manager for Budgeting Deepika Amarnani, Manager for Creative Sohail Qureshi, Manager for Operations Sumair Chandiwala, Manager for Logistics

Helmed by Maya Shahani and Akhil Shahani, and with a legacy of over a century, the Shahani Group encompasses a new generation of institutions in areas of management, media, banking, real estate, digital marketing, and more.

Along with noteworthy initiatives such as Ask CAREERS, Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media and Communication and Ask Talent Services, the Shahani Group has been instrumental in spearheading over 24 iconic colleges in Mumbai including Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, HR College, KC College, and National College among several others.

As a result, it has been widely recognised for its contribution to the Education sector and has received a bevy of awards including the CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Ethical Business Practices, the Clinton Global Initiative Award, and the CII Education Excellence Award.

Now if this is not reason enough for all you talented students to know more about Ignite, I’m not sure what will be.

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