The Ghoti vs Bangal is unique and constant in Bengali psyche. Bangal-Ghoti tussle was a social expression of the perceived cultural superiority or inferiority.

After all these years of partition, Bengalis are still not over with their cultural differences where Bangals still claim to be superior to Ghotis and vice versa.

But before we go further!

Let us know who are Bangals and who are Ghotis!

Bengalis whose ancestors are from Bangladesh (erstwhile Purba Banga) are known as Bangals. During the time of the Partition, they had come to India. Known as ‘Udbastu’, Bangals had witnessed a lot of struggle in terms of restructuring their lives after coming to India.

On the other hand, Ghotis are the people who have been in West Bengal for years and the case is no different for their ancestors. In comparison to the Bangals, Ghotis had a secure and settled lifestyle from the very beginning.

Despite having some harsh experiences in the past, both Bangal and Ghoti are at peace now. With teasing, fun, and football they both keep the bitter-sweet rivalry alive. 

Sugar & Spice

The food habit of Bangal and Ghoti are pretty different. While food without spices cannot make Bangals feel great about their lunch and dinner, Ghotis choose to avoid spices and prefer their food to be sweet.

There is a famous joke that goes around the corner, generally cracked by the Bangals to make fun of Ghotis! The joke says, “Ghotis put sugar syrup in every dish they prepare!” 

Can you imagine butter chicken with sugar syrup?

Battle of Fishes (Hilsa vs Prawn)

It is important to remember that ultimately we are discussing Bengalis and a discussion about Bengalis is incomplete if we do not bring the fish in.

The battle of fishes basically represents the continuous tussle of Ghoti vs Bangal where the superiority of Hilsa fish is promoted by Bangals and Ghotis take the side of prawns. 

But as a Bengali, I must tell you, both Hilsa and prawns are equally tasty and food lovers should give both of the fishes a try.

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East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan

We have already talked about fish. However, the discussion will still be incomplete if we miss football!

East Bengal and Mohun Bagan are two old football clubs of Bengal and their rivalry is the classic example of Ghoti-Bangal scuffle.

Despite having exceptions, in most of the cases, Bangals are stern supporters of East Bengal and Ghotis tend to chant for Mohun Bagan during the Derby matches. 

Traditional differences

Both Bangal and Ghoti have different folk traditions and cultures. The customs or rituals in Pujas and celebrations like marriages are differently followed.

For instance, while Bangal’s celebrate Laxmi Puja on the fifth day after Durga Puja, Ghotis celebrate the occasion during Diwali.

While Ghotis blew the conch on occasions, the Bangals ululated. Bangals mock about a Ghoti’s nasal intonation while speaking Bangla, Ghotis take a dig on Bangals’ gruff delivery.

The Storm and the Breeze

Well! The headline may sound exaggerated, but due to their conflicted history, Bangals are considered as the risk-takers, who choose to be adventures and take-up challenging jobs to sustain in life.

On the other hand, the upbringing of Ghotis are tailored to security and they feel better in their safe-zones. Due to their high preferences for security, Ghotis tend to settle in jobs and avoid business. Calm and sorted life is all they ask for.

However, the bitter-sweet relationship of Bangal-Ghoti is nothing but a fun discussion today. Both Bangal and Ghoti have equally contributed to developing a better Bengal in terms of business, literature and culture.

On top of that, when, today, a Ghoti guy falls for a Bangal girl, they do nothing much but enjoy the Derby match together, teasing each other with their spirits high and giggle!

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