In the era of the internet, it is very easy to spread negativity. You just need to have free internet to abuse, slam, threaten or body shame people. Whether the person is a political figure, or theatre artist, or a college student: no one is spared. 

Swastika Mukherjee is a Bengali film actress who always has shown the courage of speaking up against such negativities.

Tagged as a “ThontKanta’’ i.e loudmouth in the Tollywood industry, Swastika is capable of shutting the malicious trolls like a Boss!

Recently, a troller tried to body shame Swastika by putting an ugly comment on her breasts. However, Swastika’s reply stating,

“Yes! Brother! STILL IT IS better than A LOW mentality. Am I right?’’

kept him numb!

A few days back, Swastika posted a picture of her on Instagram. She was flaunting her purple pout and green Afghani jewellery there. A hater stated that she was looking like a prostitute on the comment box.

Being her very natural self, she wrote,

“Prostitutes are also part of our society. They keep our society clean by taking the filth on themselves.”

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Being a person with strong opinions, Swastika always chooses to be herself in front of the media. She has admitted that being a diplomatic image-conscious public figure is never her thing! Hence, her mindfulness, prompt replies to shamers gets a lot of appreciation from her followers. 

Earlier this year when Swastika posted a picture of her on Instagram, someone wrote, “Dress is good, you are hot, but the dress is not for you, even your bust is not in proper shape”.

The reply for this comment not only did shut the hater but made us respect her more. Swastika wrote “Breastfeed a child for years and then talk. I am proud of my saggy boobs. I am a proud mother.”

Later she highlighted the same issue on International Women’s Day and talked about it on a social media post. She wrote, “We are supposed to be picture perfect. Have best boobs/ass/waist/lips. If you don’t have one then go for surgery and get them done. Otherwise, get trolled. What a farce. I have saggy boobs and I love them. Keep complaining and enjoy yourselves.”

Swastika’s statements are bold and witty. Her actions are definite lessons for those online morons who feel that they can never be confronted.

Hail, woman!

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Sources: MENAFN, ETimes

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