The sex workers in Delhi can now finally get themselves checked and treated at a clinic without any awkwardness or judgement as the first ever clinic opens in Delhi solely for the sex workers.

Opened near Delhi’s red-light area, GB road, the Utkarsh clinic was inaugurated on 1st January this year and has facilities for regular check-ups and treatments.

About The Clinic

The Utkarsh clinic has been started in a non-functional school and turned into a clinic. It provides free healthcare facilities to sex workers who can now get themselves checked and treated without being judged.

The project was initiated by Sewa Bharti, a social welfare organisation, and the National Medicos Organisation. Every Sunday, seven doctors from the Safdarjung Hospital, Lady Hardinge Medical College, and Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital arrive at the hospital to offer their services.

Delhi’s Utkarsh Clinic for sex workers

How Did It All Come Along?

The general secretary of Sewa Bharti, Sushil Gupta said that they had come to the area to distribute gas cylinders during the COVID-19 pandemic and that’s when they learned about the healthcare issue that these women go through.

In 2020, a weekly clinic was initially started for the sex workers on the first floor of the women’s police station near the brothel in collaboration with the joint commissioner of police, Alok Kumar.

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Later, they approached the municipal corporation to set up the clinic on the school’s vacant land and agreed.

Benefits Of The Initiative

This initiative will help in addressing the occupational stigma that is attached to sex workers. Their occupation doesn’t let them freely access medical services.

Dr. Sunil Kumar, forensic medicine specialist at Lady Hardinge, who comes on Sunday to the clinic said, “Sex workers generally feel reluctant to talk to doctors, and some doctors also shy away from treating sex workers. This clinic has been started so that sex workers can speak comfortably to the doctors.”

Sushil Gupta also brought up the matter that these women tend to take medicines without any prescriptions from the doctors as they feel shy before the doctor and thus, end up having severe health complications.

The hospital also offers facilities like checking blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and ultrasound scans. Also, every week, eye and teeth check-up camps are also organised.

When it comes to inviting customers, sex workers are able to do it openly as it is their work but when it comes to seeking medical help, they shy away because of the stigma attached to them. However, this clinic is a new year’s gift for them and will make sure that their health-related issues get solved. Also, more such clinics should be opened around the country so that every sex worker can visit and freely share their health issues with the doctors. 

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