Studying In Allahabad, I Traveled By Delhi Metro For The First Time & This Is What I Felt

Metro is the heart of Delhi. One can imagine India without Congress but not Delhi without Metro. Delhi metro covers a distance of 69,000 kms every day, and just so you know earth’s circumference is 40,000kms. Only/-.


In Delhi you can take two ways: The long way or the metro way.

From “stay behind the yellow lines” to “doors will open on the left side” every part of it is perfectly organized and equally fascinating for people traveling in it for the first time.

Imagining Delhi without metro is both haunting and expensive.

On my first hand experience of metro, following are some things I noticed while getting acquainted with it:

You never miss a train

Metro towards a particular destination arrives every 2 minutes. No one ever has to return without boarding. Missed a train? Don’t worry just wait for two minutes. It arrives before the Maggi is even cooked. Life gives you a second chance but Delhi Metro gives you another chance every minute.

Your fashion sense increases

In metro, all kinds of people are seen. From long gowns to short skirt and from pointy beard to clean shaved, all sorts of fashion fiesta is visible in it. It is fascinating to see variety of dresses and looks one has adapted to. And, hey, if you don’t like someone’s dress or look then you can always judge.

The only place in Delhi with no pollution


The Delhi metro is clean and not just clean, it is beautifully, fantastically and floor licking clean. Delhi Metro is the only place in Delhi which is so clean that if you fall on the floor you won’t feel the need to dust off your clothes. I have never seen a public place this clean in my entire lifetime.

Female favored metro


In Delhi metros there is a serious issue of prejudice. There are seats reserved for women in every compartment. Then there is one coach exclusive for women in every train. A lot of women sit in seats which are reserved for old or physically challenged people and do not even oblige to offer the seat to an elderly person. I think now women also need to hear the dialogue “Ghar meing bhai-baap nhi hai kya”. The country is fighting hard to remove male domination in the society but Delhi metros are thousand steps forward.

Rajiv Chowk – Shehenshaah of all Stations

Rajiv Chowk is Quentin Tarantino of metro stations. Everybody in the station is in constant motion. No one ever stops or breathes. Almost every passenger has at least once asked a stranger “Ye metro kaha jaygi?” in Rajiv Chowk.


Being the capital city it is not easy to transport such large number of people to their particular destination. It is hard to imagine travelling across Delhi without boarding a metro. One can travel across Delhi in metro at the price of 2 Marlboros.

Delhi metro continues to fascinate me. Every ride in metro is like a treasure trove.


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