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Cricket World Cup: Which Is The Match To Look Forward To?


There are always some matches that we look forward to and wait for eagerly. Here are some of those:


1. India vs Pakistan

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is one of the most acute sports rivalries in the world. This particular match has been estimated to attract up to three hundred million television viewers. They have faced each other in 126 ODIs and Pakistan has never beaten India in a World Cup match. So put down 15th February in your calendar, for it promises to be a thriller!



2. South Africa vs West Indies
South Africa and West Indies, both have lethal bowlers and threatening batsmen. It will be interesting to see how the consistent South African batsmen take on West Indies spin bowlers and how the West Indies hitters take on South Africa’s pace. It will definitely be a match to look out for!



3. Sri Lanka vs England

Both teams are in top form and they will not go down without a fight. It will be interesting to see if England adapts better to the pitches down under, having played there this past month and if this works an advantage for them over Sri Lanka, which is a team from the sub-continent, known to struggle on such pitches.



4. Australia vs New Zealand

In the recent tri series, Australian batsmen and bowlers have displayed splendid performances, and the team is among the favourites. New Zealand, with their players in top form, is not far behind. Make sure you watch this match, as both the hosts take on each other to establish themselves in the league.



Counting down to the World Cup… It’s almost here!


By Nikhil Gautam





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