Gender Separation And Sexism – Co-education In India Is An Eyewash

By Rusel D’cruze

Here is something a lot of people have mixed opinions about or might never have noticed. Most of you might have grown up in co-educational schools and the attitude and perspective towards co-education varies depending on the authorities, in most cases, though, a lot of things can be seen in common and I have my opinion that openly attacks the conservative approach to co-education.

1. Gender Separation in most forms-

Most schools have this weird tendency (yes, weird) of separating the sexes at most places possible. The classrooms, labs, assemblies, almost everywhere you can think of.

In my opinion, doesn’t that invalidate the idea of co-education completely? What are schools scared of? People making out in assemblies and classrooms? Not to be preachy but proper social growth can only be achieved when an individual is capable of efficient interaction with ALL kinds of people, irrespective of religion, caste AND GENDER.

No surprise a lot of people are shy of the other sex at times and this leads only to discomfort. Simply, it’s just conservative and cheap to think that mingling of both genders is ‘dangerous’. There’s nothing to be afraid of if your students are dating and people of that age have the sense not to be physical where you can be caught. Apart from just assuming teenagers have no common sense it’s also a speculated accusation on their sense of character and sexuality.

A lot of people may argue that co-education exists to abolish gender-bias and that’s true, so you also need to teach your students to interact and be comfy with all kinds of people so they don’t behave unsociably out of simple shyness. The approach doesn’t teach anything but only complicates their sexual behavior.


2. Sexism and moral policing-

Sexism in often unnoticeable forms exists in a lot of schools and in their mindset in general . No one has the right to laugh at a girl student who asks for a football. Sports is not gender-biased. That and other forms of sexism commonly flourish in schools all over.

Coming to moral policing, honestly, a lot of them can’t seem to be mature enough to tell the difference between 2 people being friends or someone being assaulted. I find it VERY silly when a teacher comes charging at someone just for being playful with someone else simply because of the opposite sex being involved. Authorities often mistake banter for harassment and it is embarrassing when they act unwisely on the spur of the moment.

Moral policing is entirely undemocratic and it is unhealthy for a school to practice it. You can’t chastise anyone for the intermixing of genders and boys and girls learning to be proper human beings together. It’s a barrier to education.

There is a lot to say on this issue, and debates and discussions don’t end here. A lot of schools need to change this style of thinking and play a broader part in the development of individual social progress. And if you think your school had none of these then believe me, you’re VERY lucky and your school has been a responsible one. Cheers!

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