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The Ultimate Foodie Guide To World’s Weirdest Dishes


By Mehak Bahri

I’ve lived in Bangkok, Thailand for a good 12 years span. I’ve seen people eating the weirdest stuff around, and in fact, I’ve tasted the crunchy grasshopper myself. But, little did I know that the world cuisine is filled with such delicacies that would be revolting for some, even in theory. I can’t imagine us actually devouring and paying a good amount of money for something like rooster’s leg.

Nonetheless, trying my best not to judge these delicacies from around the world, here is a list of the craziest food items that you must try! And that is when you will be bestowed upon with the title of the “Ultimate Foodie”. In fact, I will personally make sure you receive at least a certificate for your efforts!

Don’t be disgusted, or maybe do. Oh, and also imagine you chewing on all of the amazing (weird) stuff listed!

1. Stink Bugs

The popular dish of Africa touted to taste like caramel apples which can be eaten raw or in a stew.

food12. Tequila Worm

No, this is not found in the popular alcoholic beverage, but in fact, it’s cheap cousin Mescal. Fun fact, it does have hallucination properties. I can’t believe worms could ever make you drunk. “Hey, I just had two spoons of Worms and I’m still not drunk!”

food23. Frog Legs

Something like our favorite fried fish with the cream onion dip, but instead of fish, it’s frog legs. They can be fried, baked, and even grilled. A major delicacy in the Asian cities.

food34. Kangaroo

This just makes me so sad. Such beautiful and wild creatures in the mercy of the humans who like to devour their flesh. But scientifically they are supposed to be extremely healthy with a good amount of nutrients in their flesh.

food45. Fried Rattlesnake

Better be safe than sorry, better to eat the snake before it eats you! The motto followed all over America gave birth to this dish.

food56. Shirako

Apparently, Shirako is one of the tastiest dishes there is, and the people who’ve eaten it swear by the amazing taste. What’s it made of? Cod’s sperm sac. Yes, good luck with putting something’s genitals inside you.

food67. Cobra Heart

A sadist food item, the cobra’s heart cooking procedure is not accepted worldwide. A cobra is slit in front of your eyes and its beating heart is put into its own shot of blood. That’s how you consume it. *Shudder*

food78. Bush meat

This is the closest that people can get to cannibalism. It’s a dish that was listed as one of the major reasons for the spread of the Ebola virus. Basically, Bush meat is Ape meat that you eat in a stew.

food89.Fried Tarantulas

Would you like a side of cheesy dip with those fries? This is such a subtle question that won’t surprise anyone no matter which part of the globe you ask the question. But a side of cheesy dip with fried tarantulas! Unbelievable as it is, I can’t even comprehend.

food910. Pig Blood with Bread

We live in a country of Paranthas with extra ghee for breakfast. Our Chinese neighbors however, ask for extra pig blood mixed with onions and served on cheesy toast.

11. Fruit Bat Soup

Welcome to the dark ages, once again.

food 10

Now, do you really want the title of the Ultimate Foodie? It’s crazy what people really like. I mean, who knows, maybe people somewhere around the globe could be revolted with the idea of butter chicken (no offence though).

It’s a crazy world after all.

Just like these weird dishes, here are some weird restaurants around the world.

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