Hansraj and Hindu are two of the most elite colleges in India and being a part of either college is a feat in itself.

Most of the candidates who get a 96% and above in their class 12 boards and are aiming for B.Com. (Hons.) or Economics (Hons.) are eligible to study in both the colleges.

But choosing between the two is an uphill task. Having studied at Hansraj for the past 2 years and picking Hansraj over Hindu for B.Com. (Hons.), I can give in my inputs as to which college should be preferred over another.

I would personally say that B.Com. (Hons.) is slightly better in Hansraj while Economics (Hons.) is more sought after at Hindu. But again, there are various parameters over which one should choose a particular college.

Here are some of the factors which I think might help make your choice easier.

Society culture

Having been an integral part of Comsoc and Enactus Hansraj, I can vouch for the fact that the societies in relation to commerce, finance and social entrepreneurship at Hansraj beat Hindu hands down.

This doesn’t at all mean that the events organized by Hindu are below par. They are of high caliber but the quality of events at Hansraj is probably the best in DU.

When it comes to ECA societies, it’s almost the same. You get umpteen amount of opportunities at both the colleges and it’s difficult to choose between the two.

Societies play a huge role in one’s development in college and this has to be one of the major factors in choosing a college.

Over the past couple of years, the annual fest of Hindu, Mecca has been better than that of Hansraj (Confluence) .

Overall, Hansraj still tops Hindu in this matter.

Alumni base – 

One needs to admit that the alumni base of Hindu is better than that of Hansraj.

It is rather interesting to note that high profile names in the film industry have come out of both these colleges. Be it SRK (Hansraj), Vishal Bhardwaaj (Hindu) , Imtiaz Ali (Hindu), Anurag Kashyap (Hansraj), etc.

SRK at Hansraj College

Overall, Hindu is a shade better when it comes to alumni base.

Quality of teaching

Every school student is of the view that no classes take place in colleges and he/she cannot be more mistaken.

Classes do take place and they are of good standard. I can’t comment on the quality of teaching at Hindu since I have never studied there. But for sure, the teachers at Hansraj are really good and if one has a habit of attending classes regularly, he/she is ought to gain a lot out of it.

LP at Hansraj College

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Again, it’s difficult to choose between the two. It’s a no-brainer that SRCC and St. Stephens are in a different and higher league when it comes to placements.

Hansraj and Hindu come in the second elite list while other north campus colleges are in the third league.

The companies coming to both the colleges to recruit are almost the same as EY, Deloitte, etc. but there are certain companies that prefer coming to Hindu rather than Hansraj due to their strong alumni base.

Overall, Hindu is slightly better in this regard.


There’s only the boy’s hostel at Hansraj as of now for which there is a criterion (marks + distance between Delhi and the respective candidate’s state) which one needs to fulfill.

At Hindu, one has both the boys and girls hostel. The hostel facilities are of a good standard in both the colleges. There’s nothing to choose between the two.

One just needs to make a choice between staying in a hostel or a PG.

College life

College life is something that depends a lot on the concerned individual since the life at the north campus, in general, is pretty awesome.

Being specific to Hansraj, it’s super fun to be in this college. One is surrounded by people of copious cultures and more importantly, people who are ambitious and want to win.

That winning mentality rubs off on one’s shoulder too and that is the biggest thing you’ll learn at Hansraj.

I’m a little biased towards Hansraj in this regard but there’s not an iota of doubt that life at Hindu would be equally awesome and enriching.

That’s my personal analysis of both the colleges on various parameters. Opinions may differ.

In the end, I would just like to say that either you join Hindu or Hansraj, be a part of the famous societies, do not take your studies lightly and make a lot of  ‘contacts’.

Everything else will automatically fall into place.

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