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Chicken or the Egg?


By Rhea Grover

The chicken and egg causality dilemma is one of the most mind-boggling questions. While the chicken might feel really important as everyone, from scientists to philosophers are busy using every grey cell in their head to determine its roots, I feel that we have just made a mountain out of a molehill. We have thought about this question and then thought about it again till we somehow linked the chicken and its beloved egg to questions relating to the origins of life and universe. And the beauty of it is that the more you think about it, the harder the answer gets and you come yet another inch closer to insanity.

And if you’re jobless enough (like me) to ‘google’ the answer to this question, you might just actually just go insane. You’ll find links stating how ‘correlation does not imply causation’, which sounds like a very smart and intellectual conclusion, but it still doesn’t answer the question. Some ‘scholars’ might scoff at others for not knowing the answer and simply conclude that “of course the egg came first and the chicken came out of it.”

Now, even if we assume that an egg randomly just appeared (completely plausible) it would still need a chicken to tend to it before it can hatch. The philosophical and scientific importance of this age old question stems from years of over-analysing and over-thinking. A circle might have no end but it did start from some point and similarly there was a point where it all started and it might be unknown to us but we humans just cannot digest the fact that some things are just simple. The conditions on earth lead to multiplication of cells which lead to multi-cellular organisms, which finally evolved into apes or chickens. There is no deeper meaning behind it and it doesn’t matter whether the Chicken came first or the Egg.

We could just relax and enjoy the finer things in life but of course, we constantly need to complicate things so we can keep ourselves busy and trouble the poor chickens and their eggs. And at the cost of being clichéd, I’ll just say, keep it simple, silly.





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