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8 Things I wish I knew before college


  1. College is not what Karan Johar led us to believe. The entire student population is not drop dead gorgeous, and neither are the teachers crazy weirdoes (okay, maybe a few of them are). And don’t even get me started about the infrastructure or the mess food.
  2. You shopped and packed all the stylish, trendy stuff that you were just going to wow everyone with. Now, after all those sleepless nights and almost a ton of pending work, you just wore the same t shirt three days in a row.
  3. There’s not as much partying and hanging out as you thought. More like studying and working and feeling homesick.
  4. It’s not a big bad world out there. Everyone else is just as confused and vulnerable as you are. Still, it helps to put up a brave, confident face.
  5. Even though you were the topper/ star athlete/ most popular kid in high school, you are not any more special than the next kid, because everyone just worked as hard as you did to get here. Here, you will have to begin from scratch.
  6. Inspite of all the promises made at your 12th grade farewell, you will most likely not remain as close with all your high school chums as you thought. People will move away, get busy with their new lives and eventually find new friends. But it won’t be as bad as it sounds, because you will make new friends too.
  7. On that note, let me add this- in the age of Facebook and Whatsapp, those who want to stay in touch will manage to do so no matter what.
  8. All in all, college will teach you a lot, be it your subjects, or just common life skills. So be open to learning.



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