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Why Should Boys Have All The Fun


By Nikita Madan


Some hail it as blurring of gender lines, some call it a mindset, while for some it’s a personal choice,  but there is no doubt that androgynous clothing is a trend that has caught people’s imagination. Masculine clothing for women or feminine clothing for men has today broken gender stereotypes and has redefined fashion. Whether it is baggy pants for women or skirts for men, androgynous clothing is being embraced like never before. Major names like Marc Jacob, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, have prominently featured androgynous clothing on runway.

For women, androgynous clothing is not just a fashion choice but also a statement. Women use power styling to mark a place for themselves in a man’s world. It challenges the accepted gender dynamics and becomes a tool for expressing alternate sexuality. Masculine clothing for women are now not just restricted to runway but has been incorporated in everyday wear.

Here I list out 5 different ways a girl can opt for an androgynous look.

1.Blazers  –  Nothing shouts formal as blazers do. A well structured and well fitted suit can instantly transform any look. Go completely corporate with a black or navy blue blazer over a shirt and trousers. For those who want to opt for a more feminine touch can look for blazers in different colors. You can also jazz up the blazer by adding a statement neck piece, shimmery tops or colored pants.

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2. Loose shirts / sweaters – Perfect for those who are conscious about their figure or those who just simply don’t like fabric sticking to their bodies, loose shirts are conformable yet stylish. Tuck them in for a more formal look or just let them loose over a pair of fitted jeans. Add a scarf or team it up with a slinky bag for a distinctive look.  Over sized sweaters and boyfriend jacket, according to me should be winter staple. Cozy and laid back, these can help you blend in the crowd or can also give you an edgy look, depending on the way you dress up.

a5                    a6                         a7


3. Men’s footwear – Converse, sport shoes, loafers and leather shoes can be easily incorporated in a number of different looks. This footwear can also act as a savior for girls who are not comfortable in heels or also for those who simply just want an alternate look.

a8                                                                            a4

4. Cropped Hair – “Boy cut” the cut almost all girls dreaded when they were young has now become the cool new look. Short hair have become symbolic of confidence, exuberance  and empowerment  for women celebrities in west  like Emma Watson , Miley Cyrus, Rihanna  etc. have popularized the look .In India Mandira Bedi , Gul Panag , Shabana Azmi, Nandita  Das etc. have sported cropped hair .

a9                     a10                                        a11

5. Alternate Indian wear – This is an emerging trend; bandh gallas, jackets, blazers, dhotis, give an edgy and distinctive masculine look to the conventional Indian wear. Go for straight clean silhouettes, choose somber colors and stick to monochromes with minimalist make-up.

a13                                                                                                 a12

Women can opt for different looks depending on their choice. While some women completely break the gender boundaries through their clothing, others just push the boundaries in accordance with their comfort .Androgynous clothing is often seen as a sign of liberation and freedom from the perceived gender stereotypes. Androgyny is not just a trend but is a distinctive style which is here to stay.



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