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Suicide is Sacrilege


By Avantika Seth


If you think that by ending your gifted life you will overcome tough situations, you are definitely thinking WRONG!

800,000 to a million people die by committing suicide every year.

One death per 40 seconds is the present rate of suicides in the world.

It is among the three leading causes of death.

According to a study people between the age group of 15-44 have the highest tendency to commit suicide.

Rate is higher in MEN as compared to WOMEN.

The term ‘suicide’ has been derived from a Latin term ‘Suicidium’, this means ‘to kill oneself’. Doesn’t this term sound a bit too easy? Though it sounds easy yet this act is equally terrible and horrifying. The main reason for taking up this topic is not because famous people like Kurt Cobain or Lucy Gordon have committed suicide, it’s because there are a thousand people who would have committed a suicide while I’m still writing this article. Just the thought of murdering your own gifted body is alone capable of raising chills in your spine. So if the thought is so terrifying for me and you, I wonder how terrifying would it be for all those families who see their husbands, wives, children etc hung to a fan or a branch of tree, or lying on the floor after having some poison. Devastating and petrifying are the only words that come to my mind right now.

3a9906c5efe578dec12f37e3455f8ee7_bda0ab8_image_suicide You’d be surprised to know that the suicide rate in India is slightly above the world rate. Of the half a million people reported to die of suicide every year, about 20% are Indians. I don’t think that a rising rate of suicides is bringing any kind of glory to the country however they are still rising. According to a study, people between the age group of 15-44 have the highest tendency to commit a suicide. This marks that period of our life when we are struggling to form a place for ourselves in this huge world. Has the dejection made our people so weak that instead of fighting situations we give up so soon?

Does a failure in life possess such great power to tremble us to such a level that we decide to end all that we once started? Despair, mental disorder, depression, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, alcoholism or drug abuses have found to be the key factors of rising suicides around the globe.

Islamic and Abrahamic religions traditionally constrain suicide as an offence towards God due to their belief in sanctity of life. Also in ancient Athens a person who committed a suicide without the approval of the state was denied the honour of a normal burial. In India however, the system of sati, where a woman was supposed to kill herself after the death of her husband was a part of religious tradition. Presently committing a suicide is an invitation to a criminal liability in India according to u/s 309 of Indian Penal Code. Such a person would be punished with a simple imprisonment which may extend to one year or with a fine or both.

The southern states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have a suicide rate of greater than 15 while in Northern states of Punjab, U.P, Bihar and Jammu and Kashmir etc the suicide rate is less than 3. It has been found that there is about a 64% correlation between domestic violence of women and suicidal tendencies.

I think that it is a high time we all need to understand that failures occur in the life of those people who have the courage to try. So if things do not work out the way you want them to, then it’s probably because something better is waiting for you. We as humans have no right to take our own lives because it’s not something we asked for;it just came to us.

Now days a lot of suicide cases have come up in case of school going children. The main reason for such pressure in their minds is due to the competitive education being imparted. Children of such a tender age face so much peer pressure that forces them to give up very soon. It is very important on the part of teachers as well as the parents to keep a regular check on their child’s temperament. Depressions, frequent illness and unexpected behaviour from a child’s side could be the indication of many things. Being cautious is not the only solution; we also need to teach our children to deal with pressure. It is very important on the part of parents to be frank and loving with the child. The parent child relation should be such that you child never shirks in telling you anything.

The tendency of not coping up with stress and strain in the corporate sector has also given a lot of reasons for such cases to come up. This all would only end if we learn to tackle tensions and not let tensions tackle us. Corporate career is full of competitiveness and because of this people feel demoralized very easily. In the desperation to get ahead of others people often get so engrossed that a single failure finishes their courage and momentum to go on. We must get strong and realise the importance of each day we are living.

QuotesCover-pic66The destination does not matter, what matters is what you become while you are on the way to achieve it.’ So even if you face pressure and fear while you are on the way, never think of giving up. Because once you reach your destination it would be something you will be proud of, not just for once but forever. We people, who have stopped accepting difficulties and denials from life, but don’t you think life would be no more fun if everything went the way you had planned?

So get up and get going. Let nothing take a toll on your life and remember just one thing that no matter how hard it gets, it’ll never get to a level which cannot be sustained by you!



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