Facing issues in finding perfect dental care clinics for appointments and treatments but unable to get them in one place? Hang in there, for CareStack has got all that you want. 

About The Startup

CareStack is a dental software company based in Thiruvananthapuram that was initiated in 2015 by Abhilash Krishnan. It aimed to replace different companies by building software that could manage everything in one place without dwindling here and there. 

Abhilash, in an interview, said, “CareStack enables offices to move away from the complexities of using multiple fragmented solutions and manage everything through one complete modern dental software. Be it a single clinic or a dental group with two hundred clinics. They will be able to manage their operations.” 

Logo of the brand

Through their software, they simplify the work of dental teams, enhance their relationships with patients, make communication easier, efficiently focus on taking care of the patients by introducing a one-stop destination for all. 

Abhilash got the idea of starting the software when he saw that dentists had to enter the data manually. It led to delay in responses and missed appointments. In turn, the patients got frustrated, and there was a lack in managing finances as well. The staff had to go through technical issues as well, which made the entire process slower.     

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 The Hardships

Abhilash admitted that the start wasn’t a cakewalk as dentistry is a complex business. Hence, in the beginning, gaining expertise was a crucial challenge.

However, they overcame the challenge by creating a cross-functional team of engineers, dentists, subject matter experts, dental educators who found solutions to make the software function better. 

It was after three years when they understood the working of the industry, customers and their preferences. Then they used this knowledge they had gained to build the software of present times.

The team has people from different fields who worked in various companies like Microsoft, Oracle and many others before working at CareStack. It was tough to work, for all had diverse educational backgrounds, values, and understanding. But, they all kept their differences at bay and united for CareStack. 

Present Scenario

In April 2021, CareStack raised $22.5 million from its investors- SteadView Capital, Accel Partners, F-Prime Capital, and Delta Dental. They are planning to use these funds to expand their startup and strengthen the employee base. 

Working of the startup

Previously, in late 2019, it raised $28 million from the same investors. Hence, in total, they have raised more than $60 million so far. 

It claims that in 2020, it had doubled its revenue and grew globally with more than 370 employees at present. It has established itself in the market in very little time and is leading in the field of dentistry as well. 

As per Abhilash, “CareStack serves more than 1000 dental offices now, and the company adds more than 50 new offices every month. The company is well on its way to crossing $10 million in 2021.” 

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