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The generation gap has deepened with the digital divide with the young and old being light years away in the use of new technologies. What may however seem almost self-evident , has fundamental implications when it comes to information, and this is what creates a civil society. Our world is split in two between the young and elderly, with young people who are informed about the new media, and the old which have TV as the closest and only connection to the digital world of us youth.

Young and old people, are apparently in distant worlds and when it comes to use and knowledge of modern information technology tools it makes it even more distant, which makes it a challenge to try to reduce the gap and to establish dialogue between generations to take up to the challenge to minimise the divide and make even the older generation tech savvy.

It is further a challenge for the development of computer knowledge among the poorest sections of the older population, which means that the use and knowledge of the computer represent a widespread need of 360 degrees change in mindset first.

We should promote the exchange between generations and contribute to the social inclusion of technologically disadvantaged people with the young people come forward to by teaching their skills to older adults and strive to bring a change in their system of values.

The young folks can become mentors to their parents, grandparents, neighbours, and support them in the use of the online platforms and teach them the concepts and the use of e-mail, internet, chats, document management and word processing.

The aim is to promote an exchange of communication which though, may appear too fast to be learned to them, but it is possible, to establish a link between educational and enriching experience for a digital wedding between young and old, to merge and enhance their knowledge, skills and experience, making all our cool gizmos and gadgets a widely available common heritage.

The older generation should also shed their inhibitions and come out with open arms and realise the fact that to live is to learn.

A History Hons. student at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, I live to travel. And travel.



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