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By Mudit Batra |

In the past few months, we have seen an outburst of gadgets and gizmos that are to be worn somewhere or the other. It’s not like they weren’t around before but these days electronics giant like Samsung, Sony and a few others have taken upon themselves to make the most out this area which hasn’t been exploited to its full capacity. We have always been around Bluetooth, earphones, smart watches, pedometer, but the companies have now spiked up the technology in these gears and attached them to the most important gadget i.e. your Smartphone. But the real question is how ‘wearable’ are the gadgets. Gadgets like Google glasses are a part of everyone’s dream gadget but how comfortable are they? Can you go out on a jog while wearing them? What about the Samsung gear which has been launched with the note3 can you for a dive in the pool with it?

Bluetooth companies have been trying so hard in the past years to make the Bluetooth stick in the ears of everyone, even pedometer makers have been trying in past decades to make it more efficient and better. So what’s so special about these new tech toys that are flooding the market?

Our Smartphone can do everything these days, it’s just a pocket away, all we need to do is pull it out and use it, but these gears are targeted at giving us a hands free experience. For example the Samsung galaxy gear is a smart watch with an android system of 4.2, 4 GB space and 1.9 megapixel camera. It even supports S voice, so all you need to do is say. But is it that easy? The answer is no. The best part of the Smartphone is that we carry it everywhere, it’s easy to use, it fits in our pocket and with Xperia  Z and Z1 it has became dust and waterproof but this gear isn’t that tough that you can go on and use it casually and callously. The Google goggles also are not so comfortable at all, though they almost do everything you wish for but can you really go on wearing them around anywhere you like, they are delicate and not that strong.

So to sum it up, I guess that these electronics giant need to do more to make us but something that we already can do with our Smartphone and that too with less headache, though these innovations shouldn’t be undermined at all. I would surely like a smart watch that is waterproof and strong enough so I can play all my sports wearing it, and Google goggles which adjust with my prescribed lenses.

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