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The eternal question of the universe is “Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Does any of this life we’re living make sense?”

For a Sunday morning, welcome to a dosage of existential crisis. We are souls, covered in flesh and bones, living on a piece of rock travelling around a fireball at millions of kilometres an hour, in one of such systems out of a million, somewhere in the tangible universe. 

Nihilism: A Mode Of Existential Crisis

Assassin’s Creed fan? You already have an idea what nihilism is. Their maxim says “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.” 

This is exactly what it is. The rules that are the architects of our society are fragile and are meaningless in the vastness of the universe. We choose to follow them because we do not see the bigger picture, a picture that defines that we are tiny dust particles in the universe. 

In effect, it negates all morals, principles and societal structures because, in the end, nothing makes sense. 

All Hope Is Not Lost

Just as we spun into a whirlwind of how rules do not make sense, one must also realise that it does not need to. Rules can often be potential barriers to defying your own limits. Want to have 6 burgers for breakfast? Go right ahead. There are no rules. 

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Enter “optimistic nihilism”. If the rules do not make sense, there is no point in following them. Make your own rules. Enjoy the one life you have. 

We are not here to be doomed in the universe, but rather, enrich ourselves however we can. 

Share the universe with other creatures, live, laugh, love, enjoy, relax, do whatever you like, because nothing is comprehensible in our pea-sized brain and life is too short to try to comprehend it. 

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