Watch: Anke Gowda, Man With The Largest Collection Of Books (More Than 1.5 Million) In India

There always exists an activity that helps us to escape from this topsy-turvy chaotic world. This activity differs from person to person and it might include dancing, singing, painting, and even sleeping. However, a large number of people consider reading as a magical bliss that takes all their sorrows away.

Readers also have this habit of collecting various books of several genres and be the owner of a wide-ranging collection of books. But would you be interested in collecting piles of books in this era of digitalization? Most of the readers have turned into ‘e-readers’ and have their trunk of books trapped in electronic devices.

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You will hardly find a personalized collection of books in today’s world. But what if I tell you some people still have a humongous collection of books? Anke Gowda is one of them. He is a proud owner of more than 1.5 million books, which is the largest collection of books in India. He has collected them over 50 years of his life.

Let’s have a sneak peek at Anke Gowda’s “House of Books”!

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