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2020 was supposed to be the beginning of a new decade, unmarred by the poignancies of the previous years. However, it turned a blind eye towards the world, and although I do not believe in karma and fated coincidences, I must admit that on a personal and universal level, the year was a downward slope for many.

And while people shared memes about failing new year resolutions, nobody knew that they were unknowingly awaiting days of doom within the four walls of their room: quarantine.

To find some meaning in our lives, many of us started new ‘hobbies,’ only to get bored eventually. We blamed fate and science and lost any will to either study or work.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the vaccine and other anticipated diseases on the rise, one might think that free will might just be a dream. However, resolutions might be an easier leeway out of that problem.

2021 Can Be The Year Of Free Will

Since many things are not under our control, personal improvements can be our only cup of tea. Everyone deserves a chance to start over.

I am planning to read at least one book a week from my untouched pile of books – it’s a doable resolution that will help me believe in personal agency and therapy.

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Tiny Drops, Large Ocean 

We all have learnt this quote when we were back in school, and I think it’s time to apply it in our lives. We might not be able to implement our slumber party plans, but we can definitely achieve small personal goals such as writing blogs or learning the ukulele.

The only way to feel like we have control over our lives would be to make small and personal goals instead of big and ambitious ones.

A Resolution Of Minimal Expectations

Extravagant expectations will always lead to disappointments. It’s okay if education feels like a lie. The system might be faulty, but learning is not!

If you’re not keen about writing resolutions, then deciding to learn out of every situation would be one way to help us all grow.

COVID-19 was harsh, but it has also taught me the importance of being self-reliant and resilient. If there’s one way 2020 has been good to us, it is by reminding us to introspect and take care of our mental health.

Hence, I am not looking forward to capitalistic goals such as finishing 5 internships, but minimal ones such as being content and reading more books.

What are your resolutions for the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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