Cheat India is a story about the education racket and cheating scams for several exams in India.

The star cast involves Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhawanthary and Ammar Taalwala.

Cheat India

Director Soumik Sen is all set to talk about Indian cheating scams in his second film after Gulaab Gang.

Recently the first song of the movie was released: Daaru Wargi.

This song is a smart garb over the rampant cheating practices running in our country.


The song truly portrays the vices every student should not get into.

It pictures a world which is full of alluring elements like women, luxuries, fame and how students, in order to achieve these short-term urges, get trapped in a larger sin.


The concept of an almost dream sequence is very innovative.

The students are shown studying at first and then later how they get lured into the world of “suave”.

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Usage of strong imageries like the opening shot of the study table makes you appreciate the thought behind the screening. The shot where the students are shown looking in the mirror and seeing them transitioning from their old boring self to the new stylish them creatively sums up the entire millennial ideology.

The last shot is equally entertaining.

The song is also very relatable for the millennials.

One shot in the video shows #foodgasm which is a very often used millennial lingo.

Gimmicks of cheating are shown as weapons to move ahead in life which perfectly fit in the present day lifestyle of the youth. From the hookup culture to the nasty practices to make quick money, all are summed up in this song.


In every aspect, it is a repeatable party song.

“Kudi daaru wargi aa
Oh hauli hauli chadhdi aa
Jad koyi dil mangda
Oh na-na, na-na kardi aa”

The dynamic duo of Emraan Hashmi and Guru Randhawa makes it a foot tapping number.

As the new year approaches this song will win you over and you can’t resist but dance to the beats of “Daaru Wargi”.

So this Republic Day get ready for an entertaining ride into the world of cheating mafias and keep your ethics right next to you and decide for yourself: “Kya nakal mai hi akal hai?”

Check out the song here:

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