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They say age is just a number and that love has no age. However, in practice, many eyebrows are raised at the sight of two people having a considerable age gap being involved in a romantic relationship.

Growing up I witnessed many such incidents where such relationships were shamed, at times ridiculed and at times even treated as a potential storyline for a Crime Patrol episode!

Milind Soman and his wife Ankita Konwar having an age gap of 26 years

From putting labels like “cougar” and “sugar daddy” to making mindless assumptions, it was common to find such couples being gossiped about and discriminated against at family dinners.

Although it had nothing to do with me, I always felt disturbed at such things. I mean, as long as two people are consenting adults and happy in each other’s company, what’s your problem man? Go get a life!

Even though I was kind of defensive towards such couples, little did I know that I would myself be one of them someday.

Priyanka Chopra with her 10 years younger husband Nick Jonas

I was in my second year when I met this person. He was one of our professors. With his salt and pepper hair, tall and slim figure and tough yet tender face, he was a man with quite an impressive personality.

I still remember the day when I did something silly in class and he smiled, a pure smile without judgement or mockery. I thought it was a rather precious moment because he seldom smiled.

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I didn’t know why it affected me so much but all I knew was that I wanted to be the reason behind that smile more often. I loved his classes and happened to be one of his favorite students(which is rare because I’m not that much into academics).

He was probably the only teacher who saw my virtues and appreciated them. He was the sort of a guy a lot of girls crushed on but, to me, he was just one of my favorite teachers, and there was nothing beyond a healthy teacher-student relationship between us.

It was only when I personally interacted with him did I discover that we share a lot of things in common as well. In no time we became great friends and constant confidants.

Despite the age gap, we shared the perfect equation. And it is probably because of this age gap that I looked up to him so much and even he had a motherly affection and protectiveness towards me. His company enhanced my wisdom, nurtured my creativity, sensitivity and thoughtfulness, helping me grow.

It was one of the most beautiful bonds that I ever shared with anyone and I soon knew our relationship had gone way beyond a mere teacher-student relationship or even friendship- a cosmic connection as he used to put it.

So, that’s how I got a first-hand experience of how love has no age and how relationships with an age gap are not always an exchange of money and lust as people put it to be.

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