I just might murder whoever woke me up today.

Oh dude, relax. We are not a bunch of psychotic prison-breakers let loose on the internet. I am NOT murdering anyone today. But I definitely feel like it. Because, c’mon, you know how is it like to wake up not-so-late (it’s definitely not early) in the morning to be working right?

Ah, Early Mornings.

It is that mythical time of the day that this millennial has only heard of, never seen it. The soft warmth of the beautiful morning sun, grazing on your cool skin as you walk barefooted across the dew-drenched grass, soaking in all the calm and positivity ahead of the crazy day waiting to hit you smack in the face.

So I have read and heard.

It frankly sounds like something right out of a badly written teen fantasy fiction.

Or I don’t know, everyone must be lying, how can any time of the day be so effervescently amazing? I had this one guy friend who would wake up 4:00 in the morning sharp because he had this whole 2 hour morning me-ritual to finish before he was ready to charge into the world. Skipped almost all parties and dinners for that, I tell you.

And he was the most depressed person I had ever met…

I Might Be Looking at This the Wrong Way.

Hmm, that anecdote didn’t turn out to be really fun.

I confess: I have not been getting enough sleep. For a long long really long time. I see my late-rising friends around me, and they are not doing much better either. We are all walking around with this huge mental block and blaming everything in the Universe for it.

We always forever definitely only blame.

Instead of taking a quiet while out of our incandescent long nights (or short peaceful dawn breaks, whatever floats your boat) to understand what might be really responsible to our generally bad start to our days, we are doing just about everything else.

So this Sunday, this very hot, not-so-bright Sunday, I urge you to take a moment out of your crazy day and think,

“Is it the World, or is it just Me?”

Definitely, waking up early wouldn’t save the world. I just know that ranting about it won’t exactly get me anywhere either. So before you start another week cursing the last one, maybe think over all the choices you made. Isn’t it the bad I’m-gonna-murder-someone mood that is actually kinda spoiling your life?

Think about it.

Agree/disagree comment below! AND DON’T YOU DARE MURDER ANYONE TODAY!

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