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Happy New Year. It’s 2021! And let’s hope this year is better than “2020”, the worst year of the decade! 

Like every year, many of you might have decided to improve yourself in 2021. Some even might have made a “resolution list” and stuck it on your wall. These resolutions might consist of some new things but it might also have stuff that you wanted to achieve in 2020 but couldn’t do it, right?

Now let me ask you a question. In your 2021 resolutions, you added resolutions of 2020, so what makes you think that you can achieve your resolutions this year too?

Why Do New Year “Resolutions” Fail?

Personally, I believe new year resolutions are bullshit. People overestimate themselves, make long-term goals and then are unable to start as the goal’s result appears distant and unreachable.

Because of this, their goals often remain just dreams and never come into life. Also, new year’s “resolutions” have so much drama, hype and pressure around them that I feel these resolutions then rarely work. 

This is exactly why I don’t make new year “resolutions” by definition. Instead, I prefer to make short-term goals.

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Why Make Short-Term Goals Instead?

Short-term goals are the building blocks of your ultimate goal. They are specific, measurable goals. It is like stepping stones that get you closer and closer to your long-term goal. It helps you develop the path for your long-term success. 

Benefits Of Short-Term Goals

Short-term goals minimise procrastination, as these goals are much more achievable and easy to do. Having a definite small target helps give to the plan of action and a definitive path to follow, thus making one less inclined to procrastinate. 

  1. Short-term goals help you focus. By setting short goals, one knows what precisely they want to achieve, thus filtering out other unnecessary stuff that may confuse you. Thus, as you keep on ticking off these short-term goals, you will feel more motivated and productive to achieve your ultimate dream.
  2. Short-term goals help to build self-confidence. To achieve an ultimate goal, one has to be emotionally motivated as well as mentally engaged towards your dream. It is quite easy to lose motivation. Short-term goals help prevent that.
  3. Short-term goals help with time management. A short-term goal gives you a clear path and a plan of action, thus eliminating all the unnecessary overthinking and confusion. Having small goals helps you to not feel overwhelmed, enabling you to make small progress towards your goals, thus managing your time effectively.

In the end, I would just like to say that humans want instant gratification. It motivates us. Short-term goals help us stay motivated.

Short-term goals are simply the vehicle that will help you reach your ultimate destination. Before getting into the vehicle, one must know the destination. So, realise your ultimate goal first and then make short goals to achieve it.

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