Young entrepreneurs are often told to think outside the box. Well, it isn’t completely wrong but they are not advised about how they can do this. Thinking outside the box has many advantages such as the expansion of perspective, better problem-solving ability, infinite possibilities of development, and so on. But no one tells us how we can tap into our minds to think beyond the ordinary. This is precisely why Akhilendra Sahu has stepped in to educate the young entrepreneurs. 

Akhilendra Sahu is a well-known name in the entrepreneurial world. He is better known as the World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur. He started his journey in entrepreneurship when he was 16 and today is the founder of ASTNT Technologies Pvt Ltd. & many companies. Some names include Technical Next Technologies (International Hosting Provider), ASTNT Media (70+ News Sites Network), HeyIndia (Social Media App), StartUp199 (Web Development), & ASTNT Newswire (Press Release Distribution). He has recently co-founded Scoop Beats Private Limited in collaboration with another young entrepreneur Divya Gandotra Tandon. As he is well aware of the fact that thinking outside the box is crucial in becoming a successful entrepreneur, he has shared a few ways in which you can do it. They are:

  • Changing the surroundings

To start thinking outside the box, you must get out of the box first. A change in the environment can be highly beneficial for your thinking process. Instead of burning your blood try going for a walk or a cup of coffee. It is good that you are focused on solving a problem but you mustn’t overdo it. It will only hinder your creative thinking. When you see new things, your mind gets refreshed. This helps greatly with creative thinking. So take some rest and be sure to change the surroundings. 

  • Wear a different hat

When faced with a problem, try to have a different view of it. Assume yourself as a completely different person, for example, your competitor, and try to find a solution from their perspective. You can also step in someone else’s shoes and see how they would approach the situation at hand. This will provide you with several solutions in a short time and also save you expenses. 

  • Get your game on

Games are often believed to be the evils corrupting the youth. However, we underestimate their ability to stimulate our creative thinking. Through games, we find ourselves able to solve things that would otherwise seem impossible. Games help us tap into our serious side and think differently than we do during a commonplace workday. What’s more, somewhat fun never harms creativity either! They truly help us in thinking outside the box.

  • Stop overthinking

We often tend to be our foes. Many times we have great ideas, some that have never been thought of before. However, instead of pursuing them we start thinking negatively and begin finding obstacles in the way. So, instead of overthinking about what can be done and how to do it, turn off your mind. Do this for whatever time possible. The goal should be quality and not quantity. All ideas are reasonable game! Keep in mind, you can generally emphasize an ill-conceived notion to make it a decent one.

  • Share ideas with like-minded people

Accumulate a gathering of entrepreneurial thinkers for a shared meeting to generate new ideas. In the soul of a genius gathering, uphold each other in revealing creative solutions. Somebody who’s outside of your every day may point you the correct way. Also, as you’re helping other people, you practice your creative muscles as well.

These are just a few yet effective ways suggested by Akhilendra to stimulate your mind for thinking outside the box. So be sure to follow them and become successful. 



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