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By the time the light began to fade from the sky, we grabbed our knees and panted violently. The energy seemed to have drained out, and everybody was getting anxious about the remaining journey. After a solid 10-11 hours of trekking, all we wanted was to let down our heavy rucksacks and take a deep breath.

As the darkness quickly crept into the landscape, flashlights zoomed around to look out for slippery snow-laden steps. The continuous ascent since the last few hours had really gotten the better of us.

A sturdy trek mate among us collapsed and had to be accompanied. When we blinked all we saw was the terrible fatigue that had gripped some of us and the ridiculously far destination which we never seemed to reach.

It was a tedious journey. I do not know how I was walking, but one motivating factor flashed before my eyes. It was food. For the first time in my life, I sensed this heart-wrenching need for food.

The thought of all the delectable dishes I had access to back home was tormenting. I was almost falling to one side from the dizziness, with a trek mate holding on to me. I realized how precious every morsel of food is.

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So when we finally reached Tshoka from Yuksom (16 kms) on our Dzongri trek (Sikkim), the ecstatic feeling was something else. The trekkers’ hut seemed like home. The extremely tired ones lay down, while the dutiful ones set about cooking food.

Our guides lent us a hand in cooking vegetable stew and khichdi, and we had a great time letting out our emotions in giggles and stories in the kitchen.

The meal was soon prepared, but I was not prepared for the heavenly taste to follow. When I put the first bite in my mouth, a calm descended on my heart. Sure, the vegetables were burnt, but they were the most delicious food I had ever had.

I’m the opposite of a religious person, but then I found myself blessing my trek mates, the guides, the food, the farmers, my family, and everyone else!

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