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Everything was going badly for me that day. One of my professors misplaced my examination papers with those of a student from another department. I slipped on a sloppy wet staircase, and that too twice. Also, my boyfriend was giving me the silent treatment for the past couple of days.

So every object I touched in my room either slammed against the wall or banged on the floor. I raged at the poor pigeons perched on my window sill for no reason. I tried to meditate but then ended up kicking the concrete wall beside my bed.

Eventually, the hunger pangs set in. The fumes inside my head were a little distracted by my loud grumbling stomach. I reluctantly wore my slippers and headed to the kitchen, while landing that last kick on the door.

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The vegetables rolled onto the marble counter, and I yanked out a knife. As the sharp blade sliced through peppers and tomatoes, I thought of cutting through my tensions. As I scraped off the potato skin, I thought of skinning my troubles alive.

I slid the diced vegetables onto the hot oil of the frying pan. I thought of my sizzling temper just a while before, like the veggies sizzled, and I felt a smile in the corner of my mouth. My eyes burned due to the red chili powder but felt nothing compared to before.

Maybe my hungry stomach was guiding me through the cooking without breaking something. When the pressure cooker began to let out steam, I felt all that pent up frustration inside seeping out through a hole. I closed my eyes and finally felt that steam going out of my head, in tune with the whistling steam of the pressure cooker.

When I set down my plate to eat, the delicious smell got my mouth watering and also watered down my hot head. I realized that going through the process of making yourself a sumptuous dinner is sometimes all you need for a cathartic experience.

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