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Given the quarantine period, social distancing, and self-isolation we’ve been doing over the past several months, it’s natural to assume that folks who live alone are lonely. But being alone is a choice and that is, in my view, the best way we can lead our lives! 

Nobody can deny the benefits and satisfaction that come along with having meaningful relationships with other people. But in my opinion, learning to enjoy being alone will definitely help you grow as a person. 

Being Alone Vs. Being Lonely

 I hate to bring this up, but people frequently misunderstand being alone with loneliness, sadness, and depression and very often look at it from a not-so-bright perspective. Being alone is simply enjoying being with yourself! 

That is to say, you can be alone quite productively and joyfully as long as you feel highly connected to yourself and/or the people in your life. Loneliness, on the other hand, may have several distinct and diverse faces. You might feel lonely irrespective of the number of friends, relationships, and people you have around you. 

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Pros And Cons of Being A Loner

So, based on my observations, people have normalized family dinners, group hangouts to movies, trips, etc., but I’m tired of society not recognizing solo dates, solitary vacations, and treating yourself to a great meal that provides you the ultimate enjoyment that no one will ever!

Imagine ordering your favorite cuisine on your own budget, expressing your impartial judgement on a movie date where you’ve been alone, and enjoying nature’s company without being embroiled in any relationship mess; Uff! How enticing does that sound?

Working alone makes you prioritize your interests while also increasing your creativity! You can understand and regulate your emotions before catering to others. It might seem like self-love stuff, but being alone will start making you feel more independent, productive, and happy because you don’t have to actually look for validation or commitment from other relationships.

And talking about Cons, pardon me if I sound biased, but NO CONS!

This new year, no matter whether you are an introvert who enjoys isolation or a sociable extrovert who enjoys socializing, a little quality time to yourself may be necessary for your optimal well-being.

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