It is often said that you should know the chinks in your enemy’s armor to be able to attack her well enough and emerge victorious. In war, sports, business and politics, this tactic is effective because your opponent is anyone but you.

When it comes to personal emotional conflicts, how do you come on the top if you are your own enemy?

More often than not, circumstances dictate how you react, feel, and act. Or so you think. If you mull over it, nobody else but you have the power to choose how you feel, come what may.

However, it’d be too idealistic of me to expect everyone including myself to be in the driver’s seat while riding the car of emotions in all situations.

We ought to respond to what happens; instead, we react in the heat of the moment.  We let people and emotions get the better of us sometimes because it is unavoidable to not be affected by what shakes our core deeply.

As a result, we inflict the pain and agony of an emotional battle on ourselves.

So, if most of it is our own doing, is it okay to be a lone warrior in a fight against ourselves?

Abandoned, Unwanted And Unloved

When coping with emotional upheavals, some seek the help of their friends and family when they feel they cannot handle the pressure and pain alone.

The love and support of our loved ones envelope us and give us the strength to get every thorn out of the way.

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On the other hand, some of us let the pain brew inside while putting on a happy face for the society. This usually happens when we think that others will not be able to understand what we’re going through, much less alleviate the trauma.

Some others fear that they will be judged by even their close friends and family members. The burden of expectations weighs too heavy on them to vent their feelings in front of those they’ve known all their lives.                                                          

As a result, people isolate themselves and withdraw into their own shell. They struggle to confront their own emotions and eventually, feel abandoned, unwanted and unloved.

Master Of War

To my mind, it is important to approach others when you’re going through a tough phase, lest you take a misstep that costs too much. 

When it comes to serious mental health issues like depression, you shouldn’t let the stigma associated with it deter you from seeking the medical intervention required.

Facing and fighting your emotional battles does *not* make you a loser.

In fact, it takes courage and strength to make peace with what and who you are. Most people are yet to do it, whether they realize it or not.

The important thing to know is that even if you seek help from your loved ones, you’ve got to have faith in yourself because nobody can fight as hard for you as you can for yourself.

Brace yourself for the challenge and proudly promise yourself to go down fighting if you must.

It’s okay to take others along to fight your emotional battle, but to win, you have to fight against yourself alone.

Remember that you choose your emotional battle. Not the prisoner of war, be the master of war.

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