Since the wedding season is here, many of our close friends are tying the knot soon. Amidst all the excitement and preparations of your friend’s wedding, certain sore hearts are inevitable. This is a phase each one of us will go through where the feelings of being stuck and left out are prominent.

Your best friend might be getting married and that will mean the start of a new phase in life for you as well. You will undergo a strange mixture of emotions and lifestyle changes too.

It is pretty normal to feel that way, do not be guilty about it!

1. The jealousy pangs 

This feeling of jealousy is something all of us undergo after our friend’s wedding. You will feel like a third wheel amidst all their happiness about their new-found love.

In moments such as these, what you can do is try different and new hobbies. If you are the career-oriented person, try stuff you were always fascinated about but could never find enough time to pursue.

Become a blogger, a vlogger or join any online creative course! Use the internet to gain new perspectives as per your interest. Continue to add more people to it to keep your work going! That way you save time while learning something new.

2. The rethinking-your-own-life phase

You will probably end up feeling that you need to make some major changes in your own life as well. But do not make impulsive mistakes like going on dates with every guy you swipe right to on Tinder!

What’s worse, if you are already in a relationship, you might make a hasty decision of rushing into marriage yourself!

Think back on it. Marriage isn’t an experiment, it is permanent. It is a step you cannot undo.

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3. Dealing with the changes

They will no longer be available at your constant beck and call. The late night parties you had will no longer be a thing.

As their lives change, yours will too.

This is a good moment to realize that you are your only essential partner. Meet new people or visit new places in these times to keep yourself feeling like a loner. Invest time in other friends and it will help you grow individually. Increase you networks and find people that share your interests. Hitting the gym or learning an instrument are some ways to meet people too.

4. Don’t forget your friend who got married!

Don’t let your moments of distress create negativity with your friend. Make efforts to engage and interact with your friend’s significant other. They are special to them and your friend will appreciate it. Chances are, you will get along with them pretty well and what more, they will treat you extra special!

Although it might seem to you at times that the dimensions of your friendship have now changed, don’t overthink it!

Plan a party once in a while or a trip with them occasionally. This will help you catch up on each other’s lives. After all, friendship will survive the spans of aloofness only when you spend some exclusive time together.

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Sources: Her Campus, Odyssey, Wedding Wire + more.

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