GTBIT stands tall as one of the coolest engineering colleges of GGSIP University. For someone in his final year of graduation, I can safely say that I’ll always have a soft spot for my college in my heart and for good reason.

So without further ado, allow me to share some really cool insights about my college and further discuss how GTBIT changed me as a person in my 4 years here, all for the better:

#1. The Vibe Of The College:

Professors, HODs, lab assistants or anyone associated with the college is extremely polite and approachable. In my 4 years, I’ve never seen a person of authority in GTBIT who hasn’t helped students out in any matter of urgency.

Coming from a school where I had barely 3 or 4 Sikh batch mates, the first few days of my college life were spent trying to fit in but in a couple of months or so, I knew I was sorted.

I met some of the most hardworking people in this college, students and teachers both. I made friends, I made memories and yes, I learnt a little Bhangra on the way, too! Haha.

As for the college authorities, the best part about GTBIT is that the professors and HODs are extremely supportive of self-starters and appreciate the ones who wish to make the most out of their 4 years in a challenging course like engineering, which is always appreciated.

#2. The Food:

Oh, the food!

If you find better “Chowmein Samosas” than the ones in GTBIT, feel free to ping me. In my 4 years here, that has become my go-to snack whenever I’m in the college canteen.

And as soon as you step outside the college, be it the “Bantey Waali Shop”, the crispy goodness of the pakodey at the “Bindra” stall or the fiery chilli potatoes from “Kulcha Point”, there’s no shortage of good food in and near GTBIT so make sure to try out everything mentioned here!

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#3. The Student Life:

The student life is never short of fun in GTBIT.

There are multiple societies to choose from to be a part of, be it technical or non-technical. You can either test your acting skills if you wish to join the dramatics circuit by applying for “Et Cetera” or you could become a big-shot coder if you decide to join “Android Techies”.

The key thing to note is that the college is extremely supportive of the students who do well in their respective field of interest and even more so of the students who strive to gain corporate/professional experience and exposure.

A majority of my acquaintances and I can vouch for the college and the support we’ve received from our professors to make sure that we develop great careers for ourselves in our 4 years here and make a name for ourselves in any path we choose.

Adding to that, the college itself provides great opportunities to the students to make them shine out as executives and yes, I say this without any bias.

For those who are passive and miss out on opportunities, it’s their burden to take.

#4. A Celebration Of Sikh Culture:

Fests and events in GTBIT are a sight to behold and every prominent festival comes with its own charm when it’s celebrated in my college.

The very fact that the college makes you feel closer to your culture (a culture as rich as Sikhism) is enough reason to look forward to and cherish every moment spent here. From my 1st year till my 4th, the transition has been evident as I learnt a lot from this college about my culture and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

Sure, there’ll always be the ones who’ll criticize the institution they’re a part of due to some or the other reason but hey, for me, I’ve got no complaints about GTBIT.

So on that note, reminiscing some of the most amazing memories I’ve made here, I wrap up this article and to those who are looking forward to applying to GTBIT after your board exams, trust me when I say this that you’re gonna be a part of one of the coolest institutions.

Make the most of it and shine on!

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