How often have you seen or heard parents willingly support their children who opt for vocational courses instead of degree courses as a career choice?

I bet the answer is rarely because thanks to the social stigma attached to vocational education, Indian parents are quite against the idea of their children pursuing a vocational course instead of going for the coveted “degree program.”

Vocational courses
Vocational courses are considered to be a lowly career option

Almost everybody in this narrow minded society has the belief that a degree is the only way to succeed in life and students who go for vocational courses instead are either too dumb to study in a regular college or don’t have the means to go to one.

Well, I won’t blame them. I don’t deny the fact that I myself would never have imagined to opt for vocational training after my higher secondary instead of applying to Delhi University. That’s how underrated vocational courses are in India.

Why Is Vocational Education Underrated?

The answer to this question is exactly what is wrong with India’s education system which is so rigid that it refuses to change or reform itself as time passes by.

Since ages there has been only one belief prevalent in society: A degree is the one-way ticket to a kickass career in the future. It is like the stamp paper that proves that we are indeed educated, skilled and productive enough to work.

Simply put, without a degree, we are NOTHING.

But the society fails to understand that as time changes, we need to change too.

India is one of the countries which have the highest youth population. But despite this only half of the graduates are fit for employment.

This clearly highlights where the education system is lacking behind.

A developing country needs people to do every kind of work from professionals sitting on desks, working on their computers to electricians, plumbers, mechanics etc. So, if we don’t have enough people with vocational skills, there will be a huge skill gap which would definitely hamper the country’s growth!

Vocational courses
Most of the employers believe that vocational skill building is very important

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Vocational Education As A Career Option

Vocational courses are the programs where the student directly learns skills suitable for a particular industry which will help him in getting a job in that industry. Such courses can be opted for after higher secondary and with that, the person can enter the workforce without having a degree.

Vocational courses
Vocational training help students to earn from the very start

Here are some key points which will make definitely make you change your stagnated opinions on vocational education.

#1. Vocational training makes a student ready for industry-specific jobs. Because of this reason these courses are customized to fit the requirements of a particular industry. With vocational training, she/he can then start earning from a very early age.

#2. If vocational skill development is given due importance by the country’s education sector then it will go a long way in solving the country’s high unemployment problem.

Vocational courses
Every kind of skill is needed for the development of the country

#3. A degree solely does not make you job-ready! You need industry-specific skills for that which vocational courses will provide you.

Vocational courses

#4. Vocational courses add to your overall profile and thereby increase your employability chances and that too with a higher pay!

#5. Vocational courses are a boon for people who do not have the financial resources to study in a regular college. Not only this, but they also help make differently-abled students productive and self-sufficient.

Vocational courses
Is a boon to differently – abled children

#6. What’s more vocational education offers students a plethora of options to choose from courses in hospitality, and healthcare to office management and the fashion industry.

Vocational courses

So, folks, I hope you get my point that vocational training is not so bad a career option after all. I am pretty sure that with the correct amount of effort and development in this area will make vocational courses as desirable as degree programs in India as well!

Till then the people pursuing vocational education need to be given the respect they deserve.

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