Music is considered by many to be a gift from the Gods. It charms the soul and its preference fluctuates with the choice. For example, one may prefer the soothing classical music while another may like to move to hip hop.

I, personally, don’t like any particular genre of music. I could love a slow song one day and just flat out adore a rock song the other. Conversely, I know people who swear by Sufi and would never be interested in any commercial music.

Not to forget the artillery of musicians, their instruments. Without them, music is incomplete. Imagine listening to your favourite song with the background sound absent. Nowhere near as good, is it?

All these genres, instruments, rhythms among others go hand in hand in creating the whole concept of music. So, we can agree, music is vast.


With the existence of such variation, how can someone be sure that they know and enjoy their music? Simple, test out their music quotient here.

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So what exactly is ‘Music quotient’?

Launched on 21st June (world music day) 2016, the Music quotient is a unique innovation to assist people in judging their love for music.

It’s a series of 10 simple questions which evaluate how much you enjoy music. After answering the questions, you’ll be prompted to login through Facebook. After authentication, you’ll get your score which, if high enough, you could then boast about.

The objective of the MQ (music quotient)

Created by India’s first music related township, City of music, the objective of the MQ is to bring all those affiliated with music closer by sharing their music quotients and determining how similar their tastes are regarding the field of music.

City of music itself is an attempt at that as it encourages its residents to bring their passion for music into everything they do. Located on Khapoli-Pali road, Mumbai, it is a 22-acre big collection of apartments that infuses real estate with music.

Endorsed by personalities such as Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Shaan, and Sunidhi Chauhan, it’s for those who intend on purchasing a weekend or a holiday home. It also has music-themed amenities such as a guitar shaped swimming pool.

City of Music is a project of Nirvana realty, a reality, and infrastructure organization, which has acted as a pioneer of ‘real estate music’ through its construction.

The Music quotient is a genuine endeavour to spread music as well as bring distant individuals together. Try the quiz and judge for yourself.

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