Watch: Why Millennial Couples Are Choosing Court Marriages Over Big Fat Weddings

Court marriages are more or less love on a budget. Big fat weddings tho, sigh.

Remember how it used to be arranged marriages v/s love marriages earlier? The modern version of it is big fat weddings v/s court marriages!

I personally do not like the idea of having big fat weddings. Inviting thousands of people only to have them criticise the bride’s Lehnga or Shahi Paneer. Court marriages to me are much much better.

The lavish weddings also become gossip grounds or mode to take out rivalry/enmity. Not even a single person of the invitees stays for the ceremonies. People come to eat ‘free ka khana’ and leave even before baraat comes.

Moreover, the bride, groom and their family have no say in anything whatsoever. In court marriages, at least you get to decide things according to your convenience.

You see? I think millennials have finally realised that it’s practically stupid to spend so much money on a big fat wedding that you almost go broke. Court marriages have come to the aid of such couples.

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Couples want to make their marriage as well as wedding more about themselves than so much useless kharcha (expense).

Here, watch a video on court marriages amongst millennials a.k.a love on a budget:

How did you like the video? Let us know in the comments below. And while you’re at it, big fat wedding or a court marriage, what would you choose?

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