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How many of us used to complain about having to go to work every day back when things were normal? I for a fact definitely did.

It was a dream back then to be able to work from home all the time –without the hassles of getting up early, taking as many breaks as one wants, and most importantly avoiding the hectic commute every day.

And now the pandemic has pushed us all to digitize extensively, making remote working the new norm. It has been six months since we have adopted this lifestyle and it has been quite a task getting used to it.

Transform any corner of the room into your workspace

Living The Dream?

The first few weeks felt too good to be true. After all, who doesn’t like getting pampered amidst the comforts of their home? However, it didn’t take too long for reality to hit us, and eventually, the cons started outweighing the pros.

The absence of a routine has taken the concept of ‘flexible work hours’ to a new level. Be it 7:00 AM in the morning or 1:00 AM at night, there is no reason why one wouldn’t be able to attend a call now that we are all stuck at home and technically have no lives.

Long hours of screen time and an inactive lifestyle has started taking a toll on people’s health leading to a hike in conditions like headaches, backaches, irritability, and even anxiety. And sleep schedules have pretty much been reduced to a mere myth at this point.

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Is It All Bad Though?

It’s your own workspace- sit, lie, stretch, or walk around without having to be conscious about it. And taking power naps in between meetings is an absolute blessing.

Moreover, you get to spend more time with people at your home, or even give time to yourself. A little me-time that goes beyond the time spent in commute is something we all used to crave for at some point.

Spend time with your loved ones even while working

And now, be it connectivity issues or household chores, the excuse to leave a meeting is available in abundance. Or maybe even an occasional spree of binge-watching in the background won’t harm anyone now, would it?

Will work from home continue once this blows over? Only time will tell. But for now, I think I speak for the majority when I say that working at the office wasn’t as bad as we would blame it to be!

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