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A flashback into my schooling years takes me straight to the times when our parents and the entire family used to be paranoid about marks. And not just them, we also considered marks to be the defining criterion for our intellect.

However, this obsession with grades/marks started making lives miserable for a lot of students, who couldn’t cope up with the immense pressure of performing well in the exams. Many of them ended up taking drastic measures, including risking their lives.

With this began the trend of “Marks don’t matter” to motivate those students who tried their best but could not score well on the exams. It was started to prevent suicides that resulted from the pressure of scoring good marks.

A couple of years down the lane, here we are, hearing thousands of ‘influencers’ preaching “marks don’t matter”, netizens posting “A single sheet of paper cannot decide my future”, every now and then.

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Do Marks Really Don’t Matter?

Everything in the universe happens for a reason. So, if marks do not matter at all, why are they awarded in the first place? The fact that every educational institution uses marks as a criterion for judging the performance of students proves that they are not completely useless.

Don’t we feel elated when we score good grades after putting in a lot of effort for exams? Our grades ultimately help us judge our level of understanding and work as a reward for our effort.

However, the final result is not the only thing that matters. We have seen numerous individuals who put in their heart and soul into studying but do not end up scoring well. So, marks do not matter if you have tried your level best.

Ultimately, it is the process of learning that shapes our personality. So, we should definitely invest our time in studying because it DOES MATTER. Wasting our precious time in doing some trivial stuff like scrolling through our phones under the garb of ‘Marks Don’t Matter’ is just irresponsible and immature behaviour.

We should value the hard-earned money that our parents invest in our education. Our scores do matter to some extent and if you have the capability of scoring high grades, why not do it?

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