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Vir Das & Gang: No, It’s NOT Okay To Score Less In 12th Board Exams, Let Me Tell You Why


Dear comedians, musicians, artists, writers and EVERY other human being who is going around the town telling the class 12 kids that it is perfectly okay to fail or score low in board exams. It’s not. I beg to differ with all of you here.

Can all of us just wait for a bit and STOP sugar-coating the circumstances of scoring low in exams? Can we stop making a fool of all those minds who work beyond their means just to score a mark or two extra? Can we stop and look at what all these ‘your-marks-do-not -define-you’ campaigns are doing to the young minds? 

We are simply encouraging the idea that works hard or not, you can still be the boss of the world.

Gone are the days when you could score 50% in boards, get into the local university, get a bachelor’s degree and work with a package good enough to fetch you a decent living. Times have changed. We now live in an era which is nothing but a rat race. And all of us know, stop for a microsecond in this race, and there you’re the last one. Bitter truth, ain’t it?

I know we do not get our marks inked. I know that the interviewer during your campus placement won’t ask you for how much you scored in 10th or 12th. I know when you go to your office your boss doesn’t ask you what grade you got.  But let’s wait for a minute and think. To reach that point where you have a boss and an interviewer, don’t you think you need some really GOOD education? Don’t you think you need to be in a really GOOD university for that?

Considering our education system, I take no shame in saying board marks are important. And they are as important as is Sheldon’s spot to him. Indian colleges give maximum weightage to board marks during graduation and post-graduation admissions. Getting into a good college takes you a long way to getting a good placement. And sometimes it is not just about the job you fetch. Sometimes it’s also about the curriculum, the syllabus, and the practical knowledge.

I am saying this from my own experience: The syllabus I am studying right now is nothing that is expected to be taught to a student of my course. On the flip side, my friends in other universities but the same course, they are studying what really needs to be taught. What is the difference? The university. And why did I not land up in a university like theirs’? Simply because I didn’t fetch marks good enough.

I probably am in the final year of my degree but to be honest, I am sure I don’t even know 20% of what the first years of the top universities do.  Those who claim these universities to be overrated, all I ask you all to do is compare the syllabus (and the also the extracurricular) of these with other universities.

If you still believe board marks aren’t important, go talk to a general category male candidate who wanted to get into his dream university and lost only by a small margin because he didn’t have any quota for himself, because he didn’t have any ‘source’ to turn to and because he couldn’t afford the donation the universities were secretly accepting.

This is not meant to demoralise anyone of you or make anyone feel less of themselves. This is to make you guys realise that hard work takes you a long way to living a luxurious life that you always dreamt of. If you don’t score well once probably that’s when you should realise that the hard work you are putting in is not enough. It is probably time you realised you need to walk a mile extra to realise your own dreams.

Of note: Board marks aren’t something that should make you slip into depression or force you to take unconstitutional steps. They are something that should show you the truth and motivate you to be better a version of you, for you.

I rest my case here.

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