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Tears Flow Freely In This Week’s Game Of Thrones S06E05 ‘The Door:’ Review


 “Hold the door. Hold the door. Hold the door.”

“Hodor. Hodor. Hodor.”

If last week’s episode was the closest Game of Thrones can be to being a happy, crowd-pleasing episode, this week is its exact opposite. Beautiful, poetic and tragic in equal measures, ‘The Door’ almost (Yes, I don’t cry) had me in tears by the time it ended. And yes, it is understandable that this episode will be remembered for the origin story of our favourite half-Giant (And his heroic end too *sob*) but, there was a lot more going on this week. So, without further ado,


1. White Walkers: It would seem that whenever the White Walkers show us the courtesy of gracing our screens, shit hits the fans. If it was Hardhome last season, it is ‘The Door’ this season (And, who’s to say we won’t see them anymore). The ambassadors of winter, death and snow cones raise hell this week as they invade the Bloodraven’s cozy cave, killing Summer (As long as Nymeria is still around, I can survive), half a dozen Children, Bloodraven himself and Hodor (*sob*).


If I were Brandon Stark, I’d be very, very worried about the Four Horsemen and a Wight army running after.

2. Euron Greyjoy: Last week, I had rued the lack of context given to Euron just a week preceding the Kingsmoot. Fortunately, my worries were unfounded. The lack of Euron last week allows him to make a grand entrance reminiscent of Lord Vader during the Kingsmoot. And yes, he is crowned the king of the Iron Islands, even as he confesses to the murder of his brother and king.

The Kingsmoot alone was well done (shorter than the one in books but, effective) but, what elevates it is the decision of the creators to combine Euron’s story with Victarion’s in the books. Seducing the dragon with the Iron Fleet, he says. Which begs me to question, did Euron have anything to do with the burning of Dany’s fleet?

3. Sansa Stark: It’s great to see the once naïve, princess in constant distress, Sansa Stark (who moonlights part-time as an ordinary Jean Grey) take charge finally. She owned Littlefinger in that opening sequence, making him second-guess his words and chances (Who can claim that anyway?).

That said, I’m still ambivalent about some of the choices she made this week. Not telling Jon about Littlefinger? When Brienne of Tarth questions your choice, you should know you’re on thin ground.


But hey, the Blackfish is back! (Unless, it is another of Littlefinger’s ruse. After all, he is aligning the Vale with the Freys, who have always wanted Riverrun).

4. Lord Friendzone: I’ve always pitied Ser Jorah. Rakhi brother to the woman he loved, as she cavorted around with a rather charming sellsword. After two seasons of exile, and a lot of back and forth, it would seem that Ser Jorah is back in the Queen’s good graces, if not in close proximity. However, now where will Jorah turn to? I know of a certain red priestess who knows quite a lot about limiting the effects of Greyscale.

5. Torriene: Yes, that has actually cropped up. The internet is afire with it as sparks seem to fly between Brienne and Tormund. Not around words and conversations, of course. But, the old-fashioned way. You know, coy shy lustful glances and uncomfortable fidgeting. Their children just might be the fiercest fighters ever.


6. Book Readers: Well, there is an argument that book readers were deprived of learning of Hodor’s origin and sacrifice in the books. But, I’d say that’s just nitpicking. As a book reader, I am getting increasingly satisfied with the direction the show is taking (Including keeping Dorne out in the cold). Combining Euron’s journey to the dragon queen gives a larger purpose to the Greyjoy storyline over and above the ‘raiding North’ story they kept larking back to.

Oh, and that small play in Arya’s Braavos storyline. Straight out of Arya’s sample chapter (Without its payoff, of course).


1. Brandon Stark: You ain’t no Bloodraven yet, Bran. Your solo stint through the weirwoods cost the lives of your direwolf, your teacher and the life and soul of our favourite giant. I know you’re powerful and all but, on the run from the White Walkers and a Wight army, you ain’t got a chance.

Unless, you get a hand. Some very cold hands (Non-book readers, don’t even try).

2. The Children of the Forest: I wasn’t surprised by the development that the Children themselves were responsible for the creation of the White Walkers. Still, it’s a bad day in the office when your monster comes out to kill half a dozen of you and all you have to defend yourself is a cold grenade to lob. Still, very interesting mythology there, ASOIF.


3. Nieces & Nephews: Yara and Theon did well in the Kingsmoot. They really did. And then, they got their thunder stolen by the man who openly admitted to murdering their father, their king.

Euron is a dangerous man to cross. And now that the siblings are on the run with the Iron Fleet, I have no qualms in admitting that Euron will feed his niece and nephew to the Kraken. Unless, they reach the Dragon Queen before Euron.


Unknowns: Tyrion and Varys’ conversation with the Red Priestess of Volantis made for an intriguing conversation. I’m not too sure what to make of it but, I can’t remember Varys looking so unnerved.

Missing In Action: King’s Landing, Dorne, Winterfell

Word of the Week: Galavanting

Random Thought: Next week’s preview is exciting. And the synopsis suggests that ‘an old foe returns.’ Cleganebowl. Please.

Until next week,

Hold the door. Hodor. :(

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