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As I’m writing this blog, my mind is completely engrossed in this blockbuster Premier League weekend. Will Manchester City run away with the league or United claw back to the top position? Who knows the Gunners might just shed off their chokers tag this season?

The sad part is I have literally no one to discuss this exciting world of sports with anyone as most of the people of my age must be busy in sending dog filters to one another. Welcome to the educated society of 2k17.

It is absolutely frustrating to see today’s generation being so unaware and moreover uninterested in sports. Somehow this social media is a lot responsible and this is an alarming concern among the much-hyped millennials like us.

Social media is indeed a blessing to our generation and is something that helps us immensely. But I genuinely feel that some of the qualities of competitiveness, teamwork and the unending desire to be better are missing in most of us.

It is absolutely disheartening to see college students discussing more on the existence of Dhinchak Pooja or Baba Sehgal than about stuff like football or for that matter any logical issue and having a healthy discussion on it. Sharing intellectual posts on FB to portray a cool image while being mentally hollow about it is hopelessness, to say the least.

The playground of my college is usually empty with only Sports quota students playing basketball or archery whilst other students do not even think of playing any sport.  Playing or having the knowledge of sports or even say politics is not everyone’s cup of tea but then being completely oblivious to it is unjustified.

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We have copious societies in our college which organize multiple events in our college. It’s true that the bonding with the members and one’s management skills increase but then do all of them actually help the student increase his/her general awareness and knowledge? Only a handful of them.

Studying in a college is supposed to let one explore the different aspects of life and one gets to learn and experience those by venturing into different genres which makes him come out of one’s comfort zone rather than making sure that you have a hundred pics waiting to be uploaded on Instagram.

There is this huge fascination to watch TV series among the young generation today which in a way is good. But is it good if one compensates outdoor activities for it? Definitely no. We have become a generation of couch potatoes and social media addicts who wish to show off one’s GOT knowledge but would flounder the moment when asked about a certain ongoing issue in the country.

We will change our DP’s to sympathize with a certain issue but when asked to debate upon the pros and cons on the concerned issue, we will be dumbfounded.

I think I am meandering from the topic of sports to being irritated with the psyche of a college-going student but then it is just a combination of a whole lot of things which has made the life of many of us fragile and not competitive.

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